Sunday, September 19, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

I finally had a pretty calm week. Work was fine (I actually got a couple of projects done that I’d been dreading – it felt good to get those off my plate!). Home was fine. Dr. M was fabulous. The world was mostly ignored again (mental health break people!). Let’s see if this coming week will continue the theme.
Sunday, September 12th   
Dr. M posted another of his paintings on the socials. I love this one too – it was in the running for my new office painting. I especially like it because it reminds me of vacations past.

I stopped by to work a puzzle see Daddy & Sue after church. I brought KFC and we had a nice visit.

I really struggle to read nonfiction books. There’s some sort of mental block going on there. I have so many that I’ve bought recently & just allowed to languish, unread. So I’ve instituted a new policy (also designed to get me to go to bed in a more timely manner): I’m reading a chapter each evening right before I turn the light off. So far I’m really enjoying this book – although strangely I feel like she’s too nice to White Peacekeepers (which is the WHOLE POINT OF THE BOOK actually).

Monday, September 13th     
Sent Dr. M this picture of my Cheeto stash at work.

Tuesday, September 14th        
No photo.
Wednesday, September 15th    
I used to take sky pictures all the time in Ohio. I don’t down here because there isn’t as much sky to photograph, but I’m going to try to remedy that because I need to remember it’s up there. Maybe Sky Wednesday will become a thing!

Thursday, September 16th    
Dr. M posted a number of lovely pictures of rain-drenched sedum and morning glories, but these were my favorites.

Friday, September 17th    
My dad’s birthday! I stopped by to give him his gift (these books), and watch him make a grape, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich. Topped with the heel of the bread. I posted it on the socials talking about how people would be able to see where I got my strange food choices from and everyone was all like, “that looks good!” And, “I would eat that!” Humph.

Saturday, September 18th  
We had a little family pizza party for the birthday boy. We were missing my brother who was out on the road, but it was a nice time with the ‘rents, Dr. M, my sister-in-law, and niece. Did I take photos of any of those people? No I did not. At least I got a picture of the pizza and my dad, so you know my priorities were in order. 

Despite the fact that I continued to use red (and autumn red) in my temperature blanket last week, there was definitely a hint of fall in the air. The mornings were crisper, and I had to turn the light on in the living room as I was getting ready to leave for work each day. I was talking to Dr. M about how my dislike of fall has softened over the years. I was feeling all philosophical (maybe I don’t dread fall as much because he’s no longer teaching in the fall & I always missed Summer Dr. M…), but he was more practical: we live in the south now, so the onset of winter doesn’t depress me as much. (Yes, in my mind fall means that we will immediately have winter – I am ever “A to Z” in all things.) How do you feel about fall?


  1. I do peanut butter and fruit, usually bananas or blueberries or strawberries, but I don't add jelly!

    1. Other people were suggesting using marshmallow fluff, but he used mayo on the grape side.

  2. I'm not a Sandwich Person at all. Once in a great while, I do get a PBJ craving, but I don't gussy it up with fruit.

    Fall--love it, and especially look forward to it now that I'm no longer returning to school. I really have reached my limit with this heat and humidity. Bring on cooler and crisper days! I want to retire my AC and have windows open before I have to turn on the heat.

    1. I don't usually add fruit to my PB&J either (except for sometimes I slip bananas in there).

  3. Oh dear. Your father is the same age as I am! Does that mean you could be my little girl? Oh dear.

    1. Ha! I never thought about it that way - I think you come across as younger than you are :)

    2. One must live with hope, little girl.

  4. I like Dr. M's painting, especially the little turtle. Oil or acrylic?
    Good plan to incorporate non-fiction and more sleep!


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