Sunday, September 26, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

Dear Congress, please get your act together. Love, a Constituent.
Sunday, September 19th   
Rosie was plagued by Japanese Beetles all summer, but is finally bouncing back. And the Monkey Grass is lovely!

Monday, September 20th     
These ladies are ready for fall!

Dr. M moved one of the hanging baskets back out front – it’s so pretty. And so is he!

Tuesday, September 21st      
Went out to eat with the fam & tried to eat a chip as big as my head, but there seemed to be an impediment…

Wednesday, September 22nd     
Sky Wednesday!

Thursday, September 23rd     
Wisdom from Danielle Coke.

Every now & then I have to try curlers again. I wrapped these up with a scarf so they’d stay put.

Friday, September 24th    
Pretty floofy to start the day, but by lunchtime not so much. Oh yeah – this is why I don’t mess with curlers!

Saturday, September 25th  
I had a lovely day! Spent a lot of time crocheting, but I also actually got some housework done. The vacuum had almost completely stopped sucking so I checked out the beater bar (full of hair and YARN – oops), and the hose attachment (it had one of those little caps that seal bottles like ketchup – it had almost completely sealed the hose shut). It worked much better after I cleaned it out.

Today I made apple banana bread. It’s a little weird – it seemed goopier than it should have (I think I went a banana too far), and it’s VERY sweet. But still, it felt nice to make something, and that’s done for the next six months. Whew! How has your weekend been? Did you make anything?


  1. my first haircut with the new stylist was perfect, second on not as much. too poofy on top and grew out weird. ready for try number three.

  2. Whoops! Where did my comment go? You might check your spam or whatever. If it's not around, I'll try again.

    1. Nothing in spam. Blogger has been glitchy lately - I lost a comment on someone else's blog, and another blogger mentioned that he'd lost a bunch of replies he posted.

  3. I used to use hair gel on my hair for overnight curlers. That helped. Now, nothing would get me back in them--can't stand the tension or weight on my head. (Thanks, migraine.)

    One banana too far--been there!

    1. Yeah - I could maybe have used more product, but my hair is so fine that it will only hold so much product before it gets even more bedraggled. I feel like the answer here is to just whack it all off. Ha!

  4. Brownies, from a boxed mix. But they're more like cake than brownies. Next time I want brownies I'll make them from scratch.

    1. My dad makes the BEST brownies by adding a can of Maraschino cherries to the box mix. YUM.

  5. Love the sky/road pic.
    I try pin curls at night. The next day poof only lasts so long.
    Tried an apple crisp recipe from a Paleo Dessert cookbook, but most did not prefer it :-(

  6. Japanese beetles...hmmmm, I don't think we have those here. At least not that I've heard. Good job cleaning out the vacuum -- I'm sure that made a huge difference!


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