Sunday, March 20, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Eleven

There is a lot of crochet this week. And photos of my face. Fortunately, Dr. M was out & about so there are pictures of other things too.
Sunday, March 13th      
On the days that I believe, I spend Sunday morning praying for Ukraine & all the other war-torn places in the world. Lord have mercy (Christ have mercy).

I finally did a photo shoot of this shawl that I made as a gift for someone. I’m demonstrating some of the ways you could wear it.

Giveaway! I have two scarves that need a new home. The first one is a smaller version of the #kbbshawl that I made for myself. It’s the exact same colors, but the black yarn I used was super fine instead of fine, which made the shawl into more of a scarf. It’s really soft & (I think) fun. The other item can be worn as a scarf or a cowl. I love it, but it turns out it doesn’t really match anything I wear. If you want either or both of these let me know. I’m going to do a drawing on Friday.

Monday, March 14th  
This is the only photo from this day and I wish I could tell you why I took it & what it’s about.

Tuesday, March 15th   
Dr. M says: Ya know, I’ve seen Wild Turkey 101 a few times, but I’ve never seen 101 wild turkeys. On Tuesday I might have come close!

Wednesday, March 16th       
Ms. Pinky & Miss Rita got to go outside! They were grumbling a bit because it was rainy.

I went to my dad’s during lunch & did a photo shoot of a completed puzzle. Then we started this cute round one.

Thursday, March 17th    
I met a friend for lunch and it was GLORIOUS! So glad I decided to walk to the diner.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was also enjoying the day – and he found sheep!

Friday, March 18th     
My dad had already finished the puzzle we started on Wednesday. We started another one and I’ve already started calling it the devil.

Saturday, March 19th       
Dr. M spent some time hanging out with his Pop.

I’ve started a commissioned historical temperature blanket. This is through about February 10th. These colors aren’t really true, but I was too lazy to take it outside for a natural light photo.

I started blocking the squares for my new blanket & I found a genius place to store them! Please ignore the geranium debris in the tub – I’ll get it cleaned up after my squares are dry.

Although I’m a big proponent for daylight savings time I have to admit that the older I get the harder it is to adjust. It’s 8:20 at night & I’m ready for bed – but I still have a lot of things to do. I get fooled by the light lasting so long & think I have all the time in the world. Ah well – it will still be there tomorrow or next weekend. How are you doing with the change? I know it’s not likely to pass the house, but what are your thoughts about the senate vote to keep DST year round?


  1. Daylight saving is rough. When I was teaching, the students were miserable for 2 weeks.

  2. Keeping DST year round was tried once already during the Nixon administration to save energy. It didn't, and everyone ended up hating it. I'm all for losing the dumb and archaic practice of changing clocks, but it makes more sense to keep Standard Time. There's so much research to indicate why, but it's unsurprising that it was ignored.

    1. I read about that. It's fascinating that the Senate passed the bill unanimously - I guess none of them read the research?

  3. A historical temperature blanket? What makes it historical? And I like the extra hour of light in the evenings as I'm not an early riser. I think this has been the easiest adjustment in a while. I do think they should just stick to one or the other. Seems I read they tried making DST permanent in the 70s and was rejected.

    1. It's showing the temps from the year she was born - 1967!

  4. You are just the best making these beautiful things & giving them away! What a blessing
    & can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL you look in these pics!?!?!?!?! GET IT GIRL!!!!

  5. A historic temp blanket. Wow! How are you making that - a past year by day or several years past by month? Looks like it was a busy week!

    1. It's for 1967 - I'm doing the average temp for each day that year. For my other blanket I did 20 pixels per day, but for this one I'm doing 1 row per day. I'm thinking it's going to be rather large? We shall see!

  6. DST will not get through the House. Love that picture you took on the way to the diner. The blue sky is stupendous.

  7. I had a harder time adapting to this year's time change, too. I do think it affects us more as we age. I love the first photos from your church -- so pretty!


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