Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This year was Dr. M's turn to write the annual poem. I think he did a pretty darned good job. 

Christmas falls hard this year
Too fast, too soon…no time
To recover from a second
Honeymoon; so much like
Our first wedded year, when we
Were rushing and flinging
All things everywhere! Christmas
Falls hard, like a river-bank tree
Giving way to the seething
Deluge that has consumed it.
Always the crush, the push
The undercutting, the brushing
Aside of time to sit and wait
To contemplate Advent.
God comes to us, yes, but not in
The flooded din of what we
Have made: a holiday monsoon.
No, God comes to us in full-moon
Mindfulness and whispering trees.
Stop. Listen, please. God is here
Wherever we gather in love.

Mike & Dana Rhyne
Christmas 2015


  1. 'Mindfulness and whispering trees' I will be out to stop and listen with a prayer and the full moon tonight, sometime between 7 and 9 pm. Thank you for sharing this poem, making Christmas beautiful! xo

  2. Yes, God is here wherever we gather in love. I love this poem very much.

  3. I agree, he did a pretty darned good job! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. An excellent job indeed. Hope you've had a great day!

  5. A wonderful job with the poem. Merry Christmas.

  6. It's why I love Advent, so. It helps to stem the flood of Christmas-that-isn't-really-Christmas. It's a wonderful poem, for a doubly wonderful time of year for your guys. Merry Christmas!

  7. Many happy returns - hope you enjoy all the festivities and wishing you a happy 2016

  8. Beautiful images: holiday monsoon and the river-bank tree giving way. . .

  9. Stop and listen. Indeed. Beautiful.


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