Let's just add insult to injury, shall we?

So I go to the doctor for my sore arm, he refers me to an orthopedic specialist because he thinks it might be a rotator cuff injury (oh joy – shouldn’t that happen to someone who actually rotates her cuff occasionally?), and then, then, he gives me a tetanus shot in the sore arm! What? I go to the doctor for comfort & leave with no new drugs, a referral and MORE pain in my arm?

I’m telling you, there’s no justice in the world. To salve my wounds I decided to go to Victoria’s Secret to torture my arm further by trying on bras. I got fitted by some skinny chick (really cute & nice though) who said that I’m a 36D! D? I used to go without wearing a bra back in the day & now I’m a D? I’m not fooled though – the ginormous bras I got at Pennys are 38B, so obviously Vic is just crazy these days. In any case I spent a ridiculous amount of money for two bras that actually fit, so that’s something. We just won’t tell anyone what size they are – our little secret, ok?

P.S. Dr. M's interview went well - hopefully he'll get called back for a 2nd!


  1. There's nothing like a little retail therapy, is there? With me, it's books or CDs.

  2. Good to read that your injury has not interfered with the important things in life. A visit to Vic's place--always therapeutic. Crossing fingers for your hubby:>)

  3. Haha, well that's very interesting, because I went up a size my last visit to Vic's Secret too. Now I'm reassessing that.

    Hope your shoulder heals. And too bad about your bracket! But thanks again for rooting for the best team - and now to win Saturday's game!

  4. Oh my soul. If I could just fit into a 36 (let's not even mention the alphabet) I would through a party. Hope the shoulder/arm heals quickly and the Dr gets the job. Good luck.


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