Chrissy Snow

I recently took a Facebook quiz which promised to tell me which Three’s Company character I am. I’m not sure what I expected – maybe one of the Ropers – but I didn’t expect the actual result: Chrissy. Really? Well, sure, Dr. M always comments that he thinks I’m a blond who dyes her hair brown. And, yes, I do have a reputation as a bit of a dingbat. But I’m not actually that vacuous, am I? (No comments from the peanut gallery!). I think I’m just easily distracted. And gullible. And not in possession of much common sense. So it probably just gives the impression of vacuity. Really.

Here’s an example. The other night I was cooking green beans. I had sautéed pecans in some olive oil to toast them. And the pan started smoking just a bit (pecans cook fast!) so I turned on the overhead fan. I sautéed some garlic, then added the beans & some chicken broth & simmered a while – I’m from the South – we do not do crisp green beans!. When I finished cooking I went to turn the fan off. I turned one of the knobs over the stove & it went dark in the kitchen. Since I had meant to turn off the fan (& not the light) my brain couldn't quite process it correctly & I thought, "Well now it's too dark to see how to turn off the light!" See – I was just distracted by the darkness. I’m not really a ditz.


  1. Oh Bug, I love that. I also get distracted, especially when I am busy. Once I came home from the shop, put my purse in the fridge and the butter in my dressingtable's drawer. My dear family has never allowed me to forget this even though it happened about 20 years ago.


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