Dr. M got the job!!!!! I've been doing the happy dance & alarming my coworkers (they've never seen me this happy before)...

More details to come as we learn them. Anyone want to come by to help us pack?


  1. Congrats to Dr M! I'd love to help you pack but it's a bit far to come :-)

  2. Thanks Argent! Although if I ever make it across the pond we might have to have a pint together (mine would be a pint of water since I don't like alcohol - but Dr. M would definitely partake). BTW - when is your next story? I'm feeling deprived!

  3. You have a fabulous blog, and you look as if you're a lot of fun! WW...? Oh, yes... I remember that 1.8 lbs. *heh*

    Congratulations on Dr. M. getting the job. Keep us posted.


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