Wherein I finally PASS my MRI

So today was take two of my MRI saga. What, didn't I tell you about take one? It was on Friday. I obviously had no clue was I was getting myself into. I arrived with warm clothes (I was told it would be cold). It was in the upper 70s in the room. I had not had any pain meds for my arm since 8:30 that morning (I know, I know, common sense Bug! There's this absence of that commodity in my life). I asked for headphones to listen to music & chose Classic Rock. When she turned the music on I immediately heard "the lunatic is in my head." Not sure Pink Floyd was the best choice for relaxation. She pushed me into the tube & suddenly I couldn't breathe. My chest was heaving. I was sweltering. The giant headphones were smothering me. I thought I would have to press the panic button right away. But I had a good talk with myself & started breathing easier, calmed down, counted to 500. I was going to make it! Then my arm started to hurt. Then a little more. Then it was excruciating & the muscle started to jump. So we had to stop the proceedings about halfway through. I was fairly well disgusted.

Today was a whole other animal. I took some Aleve at 2:00. They gave me happy pills to relax me (they actually made me a bit drunk & incoherent - thank goodness Dr. M drove me there!), and even though they sort of wore off before we got started I was just fine. I opted for ear plugs instead of music and it was freezing in there this time so no feeling of being smothered - in fact she had to stop it this time to put a blanket over me so I'd stop shaking. And I made it! Yay! Hopefully the pictures will reveal a mildly torn rotator cuff that can be fixed with physical therapy.

I was too anxious about this to fully enjoy the news of Dr. M's job. Now I'm full steam ahead. Bring on the rental properties!


  1. Where are you moving to? The USA is such a huge country, I even get lost in it on Google Earth. I hope the new job will be everything Dr M expects and you will enjoy the adventure of a new home, a new neighbourhood, a new town and all the other new things this move will bring.

  2. Glad you got through the MRI and hope the results are good for you. Moving, eh? Haven't done that in a while and wouldn't fancy it now with all the junk I've accumulated LOL!


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