Miscellanea (or the Bug is a bit giddy)...

I got my hair cut today (I know – news flash!). I did not go for the Katie Holmes pixie cut – I’ll probably save that for August. I got the Katie Holmes bob. No, I do not look like Katie Holmes (I wish!) – we just both have dark straight hair. In fact, this cut looks remarkably similar to the last one I had. Sigh. I used to be such a hair maverick! Now I’m a middle-aged wuss. That does it – I’m scheduling that pixie for the end of July!

In other news, we are betwixt & between our apartment & our house. We’ve moved the futon, a TV, our dining room table, our winter clothes and about a gajillion books (married to a historian here!). When I say we, I mean Dr. M mostly. Hey – I have to be at work while he’s having all this fun moving things! I’m sure that there will be retaliation for that last statement. It’s not like having to teach last week, give exams this week (one was at 7:30 Monday morning!) & then grade them is a piece of cake sister!

Anyway, if we can get the refrigerator delivered soon then we can mostly live at the house & make forays to the apartment to get more stuff. I had no idea how married to my refrigerator I am – but it was pretty hard to be without it this weekend when we stayed at the house. I had to drink tepid water straight out of the tap! Imagine!

I may or may not do a post about my adventures in hair later this week. Something for you to look forward to! Or, really, something to which you may look forward. Something like that.


  1. Hair adventures is something women like to read about, especially if it comes with a photo or two to illustrate the result.

  2. Hehehe. I like your humor.

    You must be excited to get more space, wonderful. As for the hair, I really related to what you wrote about once being a maverick and now feeling middle aged. Well, we can think of it as being timeless and classic too maybe?

  3. DUTA - when my life is a bit more organized I'll definitely post some pictures.

    Ruth - that's funny - just last night someone told me my new style was classic - I told her I was going for bohemian LOL.

  4. Hair-raising stories are always exciting. Mine is always 'short back and sides' so quite mundane; banal even.

    Still, as long as it doesn't become 'hair today, gone tomorrow' I guess it's OK.

    Good luck with the moving! Now THAT is one thing I really avoid unless it is forced upon me.

  5. Glad you're settling in. My hair is totally boring. Even if I grow it, it has no body, no swing, so I keep it short (yawn!).

  6. I don't like being betwixt and between in anything. Moving is a pain but I like how it reshifts my perspective and my junk.

    Yes, please post pictures whenever you can. I like a beautifully coifed bob.

  7. Moving ... oh, you have my deepest sympathies. But it's always great once you're settled in a new place, isn't it?

    Post pictures of the hair! I love bob haircuts. My hair is too curly for that. *sigh*

  8. We need pics of your new haircut - when you have a chance, OK? Katie Holmes is cute, but I bet you're just as cute, maybe cuter.


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