It’s pouring rain as I drive toward
an unscheduled assignation.
I park and grab my umbrella,
lock the door and round the car
looking down at my empty hands.
Shit (did I say that out loud?).
That was when I made the call.
I said I’d be the girl
with the penguin umbrella.

Now I’m warm and dry,
reliving that magical moment
when he dropped my keys into my hand.
As we parted company, he said,
“That sure is some penguin umbrella!”

I’ll bet he says that to all the girls.


  1. I LOVE that penguin umbrella! I don`t know if I`d dare to carry it, but it is fabulous! Bug, you`re cute. I`m sure he meant what he said.

  2. Oh my granddaughter would love that umbrella!! You have a great looking smile on your face, in spite of all this rain!!!

    I think it is raining just about everywhere...well..not really, but lots of places.

  3. You are hearby voted "Girl I'm Most Like to Get Stuck Waiting for AAA After Locking My Keys in the Car"

    Ha! LOVE the umbrella, LOVE the attitude even more!!

  4. Omigawd, I LOVE that umbrella. I want one...!

    You look great with it. :-)

  5. My specialty is loosing umbrellas . I suppose an umbrella like this penguin one, would be somehow difficult to loose. Beautiful thing!

  6. There's something about being a damsel in distress...

  7. I knew there was something about you I like.

  8. My daughter LOVES penguins...She is nine and can't have enough of them. That and platypuses or is that paltipi...anyhoo...she is into very unique things. Sorry about the rain and the keys. Cute poem though!!


  9. Great post and lovely photo.

    I'd like to hear the follow-up to your poetic assignation...;-)

  10. I could have sworn I posted a comment here - oh well. The poem was really good (you should come and play wordzzles with us!). I the penguin umbrella is certainly distinctive!

  11. No mistaking that penquin umbrella! I love it.

  12. Best memory I have from college is the sound of rain hitting my umbrella and the trees around me in the garden near my apartment. It is the one song I hold dearest and closest.

    Don't you just adore the sound of rain on the taut waterproof roof of your penguin umbrella?


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