Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Random Things

Lee Ryan from Occasional Notes tagged me for this list. As I was doing it realized that I had already done one several months ago - but I made sure to list 10 new things this time.
  1. I stole two grapes from the local fruit stand when I was around four. My mom made me go back in & pay a penny for them. She & the fruit stand lady cried about how cute & pitiful I was.

  2. A few years later at that same store my mom told me that I really should be friendlier to people – they were going to think I was stuck up. I told her I was just shy. It was a lie – I was stuck up. If you didn’t live in a book you just weren’t important to me.

  3. My mom had a pajama party for me when I was 10 or 11. Late in the night my friends went looking for me. I was in a closet reading a book with a flashlight.

  4. All this talk about reading makes it sound like I am really into LIT'rature – but, no. If I have to think about it more than twice your concept is too deep for me. Give me a good Janet Evanovich & let me escape into inanity please!

  5. As my family well knows, I have an irrational drive to point out errors – especially in writing. This does NOT mean that I don’t make errors myself! And I don’t really even think about it with my bloggy friends (except – please guys, use “than” instead of “then” when appropriate – it’s become an epidemic!). I recently emailed Tudor’s Biscuit World to inform them that they had a typo on their home page. I just looked & it’s been fixed! Wow – I do exert some influence in the world! (Leave me to my delusions please.)

  6. I had such a bad thumb-sucking habit that I slept with a sock on my right hand. In the 6th grade. I was desperate to give up the habit because my thumb was embarrassingly raw in the winter, but I was doing it in my sleep so I didn’t really have control over it. Thumb-sucking medicine didn’t work – it just burned a little & then went away. The sock was MUCH more effective!

  7. My first kiss was the summer after I graduated from high school. He was a NC farm boy named Gold. Nice guy, but not really for me. My second kiss was at Myrtle Beach the summer after my freshman year of college & he STUCK HIS TONGUE in my mouth! Ick! I just met you at putt-putt & now you’re trying to… Let’s just say I wasn’t a particularly fast girl at that time LOL.

  8. I do not like coffee or alchohol. I lump them in with cabbage & carrots on the list of yucky things in life. But once, a really long time ago, I drank an entire Fuzzy Navel over the course of two hours - & then had the nerve to think I was slightly tipsy. Wonder what would happen if I actually did get tipsy?

  9. One day while I was in Zambia I sat in wet grass (here is a picture of me sitting in that grass - look at those ginormous glasses! Looks like I fried my contact lens boiler again). As a result I was infected with Putzi fly larvae. If you would like to read the sordid & disgusting details of such an infestation, go here. I had a strange fascination with plucking the larvae from my skin with tweezers. Unfortunately most of the larvae had ended up in a region that I wasn’t able to reach, so my roommate had to do the honors. Strangely, she did NOT enjoy it as much as I did.

  10. Speaking of tweezers, when I was a child I used to like to stick my grandmother’s cactus spines into the tips of my fingers & pull them out with tweezers. No, it didn’t hurt. Yes, even I knew that there was something not quite right about it.

Wow – I’m really strange! Perhaps I’m getting a little too comfortable with all this “getting to know you” business. Whatever’s going on it will most likely continue on Wednesday when I do the Random Dozen Meme again. Sorry!


  1. nope; you're wrong. You list is better than mine. :-)

  2. "All this talk about reading makes it sound like I am really into LIT'rature – but, no." I am so with you on this one. I love reading but I am also not a book snob. I like to enjoy what I read without any effort. A classic occasionally but that is that.

  3. I love to read too - but not to the point of ignoring guests! (My mother would have killed me!)

    Grammar errors drive me nuts! I know i'm not perfect either, but seriously, some of the errors i read are ridiculous. And they continue to be made, so it isn't an occasional item overlooked. Then/than, their/there/they're, your/you're, misuse of me/i, & she/her. But just today i read someone who wrote "this will never make since." It is all i can do not to correct her! (And i don't visit very often for this reason.)

    I don't like coffee or alcohol either. I'm the perfect designated driver!

  4. Okay, I'll have to admit the last one is a little on the odd side. :^)

  5. PS...I fixed the typo in my post this morning.

  6. Very funny Bug, I like your honesty! When is the next meme due?

  7. Those were pretty funny. Reading is a huge part of my life also. We all have our own odd quirks, I think.

  8. Angela - the next meme is due tomorrow. I've already answered the questions and I'll post it in the morning.

  9. Oh, I see. You were a four year old tea leaf eh?

    A blagger of grapes even before you started school.

    The youngest criminal on Blogger too.

    Public enemy #1 at age four.

    PS 'tea leaf' is cockney slang for feef - which means thief.


  10. These are funny as all get out!

    The one I have the biggest problem with is the use of "it's" when the writer doesn't mean "it is". I did a big long post on this one some time last year.


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