Okay, I give...

I've mentioned before that fall is NOT my favorite season - I don't give up the sun and green and profusion of flowers easily. However, I do get excited about the temps being cooler & the leaves changing, and figuring out what to wear for Halloween. Well, Halloween is more of a chore, actually, but Dr. M & I already have our costumes figured out for a family friendly party we're attending on the 24th. I'll post a picture for sure. In fact, I might do a little retrospective of Halloweens gone by (don't get very excited - I'm not all that creative in this department).

Anyway, in an effort to get the sad post down the page a notch I've decided to post some recent pictures. Enjoy!
First, a few pictures from Dr. M's commute (when he takes the long way):

And here are some pictures from our house. The petunias were fabulous, but we decided some mums were in order:


  1. Your garden looks wonderful. I love the fall colors, but I'm sorry to see summer go too. We had such a wonderful summer here this year.

    I was sad to read your previous post (I am playing catch-up today) about your friend with breast cancer. That is a good argument for universal health care. In Canada, no one goes without a biopsy because they "can't afford it". I don't understand what is the opposition to universal health care in the U.S. It's sort of a no-brainer.

    Please post pictures of your Halloween costumes when you have them. I LOVE Halloween. Next weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving, and then Halloween of course on October 31st, so October is a fun month.

  2. Some right jolly pictures! Sheep, in your garden? No, didn't think so. Wouldn't mind a few in MY garden - save me cutting the darn grass!

    I'm not into Halloween. It was virtually unknown in the UK 20 years or so ago. Then imported from America and used mainly by yobs using it as an excuse to scare old ladies into giving them some cash to avoid having something trashed. I know it is not like that in the States, (or at least, I hope not) but is has become an annual nightmare for lots of UK people in the inner cities. Still, like the grey squirrels, we're lumbered with the Halloween protection racket now.

  3. Lovely fall piccies, even if it isn't your favorite season. Looking forward to your Halloween party pics, too.

  4. Oh man, I love petting zoos and farm animals. Hope you take good care of them and give 'em lots of love, whenever you can :)

    Halloween is actually a scientific holiday ... and so many people are clueless toward it. You never see anyone dressed like an astronaut or Galileo

  5. Love the scenic drive Dr. M has. I love country roads more than city scenes. I am in denial over Fall so far, refusing to put up the decor yet.

  6. These are very good quality pictures. Looking forward to your next pictures.

    As for Fall and Summer, each season has something nice about it, something we can appreciate and love.

  7. Donkeys are such sweet looking creatures. Loved the images, but I'm still feeling for your moments of sadness.

    I'm so sorry about your FB friend, and your mom's suffering, and your shoulder pain.

    Sending love.

  8. It is cool today, a bit breezy and slightly overcast. I love the fall, unlike you delightful summers, ours are unbearable.

  9. I'm with PhilipH on the whole Hallowe'en thing (being a brit, and all). But your decorations do look fun!

  10. I'm also playing catch-up today, and haven't read the sad post yet (I'm girding up my loins for it). I thought these pictures were absolutely lovely, perfectly indicative of the fall.

    I also loved the "he takes the long way" because I realized that it has been donkey's years (get it? get it? Yes, I'm shutting up.) since anyone has brought up taking the longer route to see better scenery. Most people dread their commute so much, they spend time searching out the most expedient routes, forget the scenery!

    So that elicited a big, "Aw! The long way. Now there's a concept I miss! Good for Dr. M."


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