Gone South

You know how
some folks leave
at the crack of dawn?
Um, no.

We piddle around
and play on the computer
and remember 9 last
minute absolute necessities.

By 10:00 we’ll be
barreling down I-35
headed to home.
It’ll always be home.

There’ll be hugs and
laughter and sadness,
playing with a new baby
and pie

It’s the place
and the people
who sent us forth.
We’ll carry them

back to Ohio
after our days
of giving thanks
to the God who sustains us.

This is my father's family (he's the bored kid in front in the white shirt and tie). My grandmother is the tall woman in white, standing in the back. To her right is my grandfather.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
See you on Sunday!


  1. Love your poem! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you!

  2. LOVE the picture! And love it that you don't leap out the door at the crack of dawn, but rather enjoy your morning before setting out.

    Have a safe drive and a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Me too. I love that picture. Which one is you?

    We're amblers too. And we almost always have to go back to the house when we're a block or two away to get what we forgot.

    Have a great warm time with your family.

  4. Nicely said. Have a very safe trip and a thankful day!!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you.xx♥

  6. Very nice looking family Dana! Enjoy yourself and have a great Thanksgiving!
    Loved the poem also!

  7. Have fun, Bug! Godspeed! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. I love... readding.., ....................and ..thanks.. for.. your.. artical.

  9. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Bug. Eat lotsa turkey. Hug your family. :-)



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