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Last month I put my name in the hat to participate in this carnival, begun by Robin at Be Still and Know, and then passed along by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. And I won! I know, I was amazed too. The prize was the opportunity to read a book (Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn), make notes about the parts I liked best, & then pass it along to another "Sisterchick." Here is Robin's original concept:

As I finished the book up the other day I began to think about the two women the story centers around.

The story begins with two pen pals in elementary school and they continue with there friendship for many, many years through letters and emails, but they have never actually met, not until things change for the main character. Her life takes an unexpected turn and she finds herself face to face with her long time pen pal.

I began to think of the similarities between the two women in the book and all of you, my fellow bloggers.

As members of this unique internet community we enter into each other lives as we read each others posts, as we comment, share encouraging words or just a well needed giggle now and then.

But what I enjoyed as I read this book was the depiction of the friendship these two women shared. They had been intimately involved in each other lives but had never been in the same room with each other, never shared a cup of coffee over the kitchen table, never wept in each other arms. Yet they still shared in the deep bonds of friendship.

The relationship the two women in this book have is a real friendship, as real as friendships get.

I found the similarities between the book and the blogosphere to almost mirror each other.

The idea for “I Won…You Win” is two fold.

Once a winner is chosen I will send the book out into the blogosphere.

My hope is that whoever wins it will keep the “I Won…You Win” giveaway going.

The second requirement is once you have finished the book place your blog address on the inside cover, as well as the date you finished the book and then continue the “I Won…You Win” Giveaway on your blog.

Link back to me in your giveaway. Let’s see where this takes us.

I also want to encourage everyone who reads the book to mark your favorite chapter in the book with a note in the margin telling future readers why you enjoyed the chapter. Use your imagination, tuck a special note in the pages or a pretty bookmark, but put “yourself” somewhere in the pages of the book.

I am so excited to send this out into the blogosphere.

Let the giveaway begin!

I’ve finished the book (a quick and enjoyable read) & I’m ready to pass it along. If you’d like to participate, just leave a comment, with the answer to the following question.

Dental Floss: Waxed, or not?

I’ll announce the winner on the Wednesday meme. Good luck!


  1. That sounds like fun. the answer: not. (that means I want in.)

  2. Can't wait to see who wins!

    Good Luck to all who toss their had in the wooden shoe!


  3. This sounds like fun! I'm finding blogs to be less than six degrees of separation.

    Er, what was the question? Not waxed, i guess.

    How fun. :)

  4. The Bug, that does sound like fun :-) I really enjoyed reading the comments.

    I'm not asking to be entered though. My pile of books to be read mysteriously grows, rather than diminishes, and that poor book would forever be lost to history if it were to enter this book clogged household. Archeologists would find it and marvel "It was found under a book about the spice trade ...and next to one about the possibility of Life on Mars...what can we glean about society from this?"

    That I've got too many books going at any given time, would be the answer.

    So don't enter me, but I did want to just say thank you for sharing the comments!

  5. Pick me!!

    And definitely waxed. My teeth are too close together.

  6. Waxed. And ya know, I have NO idea why, but now you've got me thinking (as usual!)...

  7. What is this dental floss you speak of?? Just Kidding...I like waxed.

    The only problem is that only about 5 1/2 people read my fabuluous blog so if I win not sure who I'd pass it along to. You know it is kinda like a family tree with only a few branches...

    But I'd love to read it anyway!!


  8. I feel the same way about my underwear, and we are never in the same room.

  9. That sounds like an interesting trip for the book, and to have it signed by everyone. I know what you mean about blogging. It is somewhat strange how we get to know others this way, and develop a genuine friendship. The book sounds interesting.
    The wax floss with mint for me.


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