One Liners

I’m taking a page from Ellen’s book & giving you some one-liners today (I know you were really getting bored waiting on the Wednesday Random Dozen – which I’ve already written, but won’t break Linda’s rules & post today).

  • Dr. M & I are really close to just ditching the land line & going with cell phones (by close, I mean we’ll probably ditch it the next time we move).
  • Friday night at the piano bar at the Brown Hotel was pretty fabulous.
  • I want to play hooky at work one day this week but I keep getting up & going anyway.
  • I’m really bored with physical therapy.
  • This year I want to blink & it be January already.
  • Arthritis sucks.
  • I’m on part 12 of 15 of my V. I. Warshawski audio book – who killed Mark Whitby?
  • I want pizza for dinner tonight (can you get right on that honey?).
  • I’m pretty hooked on the show Weapons Masters on the Military Channel – it’s like Tim the Tool Man meets the Mythbusters – great fun.
  • I’m pretty sure it was a bad idea to wear the stretchy pants today – sorry, folks who have to watch me walking away – ouch!
  • I’m sad that Maine voted to repeal the gay marriage law.
  • Tomorrow is Veteran's Day (US)/Remembrance Day (Canada).


  1. Thanks for your one-liners. I just might have to flatter you with imitation tomorrow and post some of my own!

  2. Do you think one day there will be international holidays (besides Christian ones)? It might be nice to have an international day of remembrance.

  3. Gosh, my arthritis is really bad today. Is it the weather? The stars?

    Love these one-liners. I might just have to give'm a whirl myself.

  4. I want pizza tonight!!...Bug's honey...can you get right on that for me too... :)

    Better go get to work on my Random Dozen..

    Catch ya tomorrow!!


  5. Oh, the going home. What is it with the going home. Grandmother always wants to go home to a house she hasn't lived in in 30 years, and she used to pick up and dial her mother's phone number all the time, when she had access to a phone. That's why I let her talk on and on now, let her tell her stories, because real or not TODAY, I think they are actually memories of some time long ago.

    I was sad about Maine as well.

  6. I'm with you on the land line thing. I just keep holding on to it because I've had the number for 20 years and everybody remembers it!

  7. Good idea these liners. In this way you touch many topics: health, food, news, entertainment, reading, watching TV, etc.. and easily catch the attention of your blog's readers.

  8. We keep the land line so that I can give that number out for those who are not family and friends. It is for appointment reminders and for when businesses call. My cell phone is the "fun" phone and not a business phone. Plus I do use it to make out going calls because the calls come in more clearly. I also use it to call my mom almost every day. We can talk for over an hour and if any calls come through while I am talking to her, I just let them go to voice mail. If my cell phone rings, I might, or might not answer, and just tell them I am talking to Mom, and will call them back.

    My 12 year old grandson has not missed any of the Weapons Master shows, he is so addicted to that show. I like it, plus hubby watches it too. I wish I had that job. Shooting all those different weapons and getting paid to do it. Wow, that would be awesome.

    God bless.

  9. One liners is a great idea, will have to try it out.


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