A Quiet Room

A quiet room

tapping keys.
A million miles away
I hear that insistent call
to action

I could give coins
to ERD
or to the red kettle

But where shall
I give


  1. Thought provoking piece, Bug. It's a good question to ask ourselves. I love to see the bell ringers, it's all part of the Christmas tradition.

  2. This time of year does seem to bring out the need to give.

    Nicely phrased.

  3. The rainbow is so beautiful! And your generosity, too. xx

  4. This is the time of year I buy that extra bag of food when I go to the grocery store. I need to find some time and a place to volunteer myself as well.

  5. "Merry Christmas, children, you're getting mosquito nets this year..."

    That's what I'm telling my kids this year, it's a good thing they are all over 18 or I might have a revolt on my hands. *g* I had the er-d in mind last year but didn't have the courage to follow through with it. This year I found my courage.

    I love your poetry, as usual, and I love your call.

  6. Your poem is very relevant, of course, to this period of Thanksgiving and Christmas which involves acts of charity and gratitude.

    "Where shall I give myself?" Well, "Charity begins at home" as they say. There are plenty of opportunities for charity and volunteering deeds in everyone's neighborhood.

  7. Duta just took the words right out of my mouth! I ditto what she said.

  8. It is one of the reasons this season is so special. So many opportunities to give back. I say pay it forward every chance you get!!

    Great post



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