Sundays in Zambia

This African Sky –

it mocks me.
I dream big
and glare.
It reaches inside
my head and I can
see forever how
very small I am.

I want…
and the sky



  1. Love your photos. Yes, even I, who lives here, sometimes find the African sky awe-inspiring. The immensity of it and especially the mountainous clouds sailing across it.

  2. It looks like our sky here on the coastal plain.

  3. Very poignant. Lush and desolate at the same time.

  4. I found two letters from you and two letters from Yuyi from when you were in Africa. I am so happy I saved them! It is so funny to see what was going on in my life then that you were asking me about :) And Yuyi's closing to one of them I just love. "I bet you are doing fine in your daily walks of life."

  5. I love the pictures, but I also want stories!

  6. Very nice words and pictures! I've never been to Africa but one day I'd like to - just to experience that big big sky.


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