Wherein Bug Notices Her Body (it's about time!).

I weigh more now than I ever have in my entire life. I’m 5’4” & my current weight is ____. Did you really think I’d tell you? My family & friends are going, well yeah, you usually do LOL. I might tell you. When I’m on my way down. I’m not sure the number means anything though. What that number tells me is that I am ignoring my body. Since I plan to keep using it for another good long while I had BETTER get with the program – any program!

My program of choice is Weight Watchers (online) – Bug Style. I’m going to be weighing in on Fridays with a coworker in her office (yes, she keeps a scale in her office - heh). We’re both pretty determined to try to be healthier. That’s my goal this time around – I want to lose weight, sure, but I want to eat right & exercise too. If those two things can become a habit then I’ll be able to keep this up because it really is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I’ll be posting my results each Friday. The whole post might be about how evil food is (food isn't really evil, I know - but it does have a siren call for me), or it might be about something else with a footnote. But I’m going to make my commitment to better health public & that means you’re my witnesses. You lucky dogs!

Here are a couple of images to help with my motivation. My "before" picture - is from a cruise I took in 2004 - I had hit goal a couple of days previously (you can see my gold WW goal star that I wore the whole cruise to remind me to not go crazy at the buffets!). Boy, am I a pear or what? The "after" picture is from this summer. I don't really think it needs any explanation.


  1. Not bad, not bad at all in both pictures.
    I wish you lots of luck with the Weight Watcher's program!

  2. The important thing is to concentrate on the healthy aspects and not the number on the scale. You are beautiful at any weight, just not as healthy as you might want to be.

    I am right with ya!! Keep us posted and we'll give you lots of high fives and a shoulder to cry on along the way!!


  3. ...sorry, I got distracted by the puppies *g*

    Okay, that's it, I'm with YOU, sister. Time for me to get with the program. Updates on Fridays? It's a deal...

  4. Weight gain has been such a struggle for me also Bug. I have been up and down on the scales for the past 18 years. When I lose it it just seems to jump right back on me somehow. Having a friend to do it with will be great and if you can blog your results maybe that will keep the motivation going for you also. Best of luck to you, and I for one, will look forward to seeing your progress. Maybe it will inspire me and others.
    (You do look cute in both photos by the way)

  5. I'm right there with you! Keep posting and we'll keep up your spirits.

  6. You're very cute...! Weight Watchers is an excellent, healthy program. The weight will come off you very quickly.

  7. Being embodied is a good thing as long as you're in your current incarnation. I salute you!

    Unlike almost everyone else in our culture, I am not so fixated on weight. It seems to me that every problem in the world is blamed on only three things: weight, cigarette smoking and global warming.

    I'm CERTAIN things are more complicated than that.

    People are built differently. Some are meant to be bone skinny, some robust and full bodied, and everything inbetween. I believe it's worse for us to try to fit into the culturally accepted norm - i.e. completely skinny.

    Take care of your beautiful body, Ms. Bug.

  8. Good for you for getting clear about what you want. Good luck!

  9. Good luck Bug. I will be watching closely, not to check up on you but in the hope of finding some inspiration in the matter of weight control. I will only get serious about it after Christmas though (lol).

  10. you've been feeling my vibe. I have been daring myself to take the plunge. Looking forward to the journey.

  11. Its funny how everyone always has advice on weight loss, whether you want it or not. Some say count your carbs, others say count your calories. People will give you all sorts of tidbits on what worked for them.

    All I can say is, keep being the fabulous person that you are, do what you feel is best for yourself. Oh, and YOU GO GIRL :-)

  12. Ugg, I'm with you girl. I have been on steroids since March, which certainlly doesn't help, but I seem to have used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything. Plus, exercise can be difficult when you get dizzy spells without warning. Anyway, good luck, maybe you'll rub off on me!


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