Day Two of Operation Lent, and Other Random Randomness

I promise I’m not going to give a daily accounting of how I’m doing on my Lenten observance – because that just smacks of doing good works for glory & such (although I’m not sure my works will be all that good, come to think of it). But it amuses me to write about my progress so far.

·         Yeah, so I haven’t been successful at getting up at 6:00 the last two mornings. I set my alarm & then I just hit snooze. Same as it ever was. However I am getting to bed by 10:00 which is the most important part of the equation.

·         So far so good on the no sweets. I got my sack ‘o Girl Scout Cookies & didn’t even open it (I know even I’m shocked by that). And I added sliced almonds to my dish of chopped apple & banana & my goodness I thought I was already breaking the rules – so yummy!

·         By far the easiest of the three practices is the rosary – both because I was already doing it about 50% of the time, and because it’s a nice peaceful way to end the day. No issues there.

·         I’m singing one solo verse (a cappella for heaven’s sake!) on Sunday morning & I’m a wee bit freaked about it. Especially because it’s the opening music – the choir is going to process down the aisle to my hopefully not flat dulcet tones. Gah!

·         I last washed my hair on Tuesday. Today I pulled it back with a barrette to minimize disgust. And I’m wondering if I can go another day. This is one thing that doesn’t suck about getting older – I’ll bet another few years & I’ll be down to washing my hair once a week.

·         Knowing that the Braves’ pitchers & catchers reported on Monday is like back when we lived in Fairfield & we were driving back from NC & saw the “Cincinnati 75 miles” sign on the interstate. Home is so close we can taste it but there’s still another 2 hours to go. Sigh. [Note: I’m still singing, “…and the home of the Braves!”every morning. I wonder if that makes me unpatriotic?]

OK, that’s enough of that. Carry on!


  1. You gave up on washing your hair daily for Lent? I've never heard of that one.

  2. I don't think you should ever wash your hair every day! Too weird.

  3. i have been trying to get to bed at a decent hour since the year started...we are thinking alike, but I keep wondering why I am not feeling more rested, instead I feel more tired. strange. anywho, best wishes with the good habits you are forming during this observance.

  4. Dana, I joined the choir a month ago (it's a very small choir) and two weeks ago it was just me and this other lady in her 60s who sings Tenor. Well, it was the Sacrament of the Sick that day and on the Recessional she said she was going downstairs, so guess who got to do an impromptu solo? Yikes! At least it was at the end of the mass because at the beginning I was shaking!
    It went pretty well, and now my nerves are worked out for the most part.

    I still haven't said that rosary; maybe I'd better take it out of my housecoat pocket!

  5. It's Friday morning, and I awoke feeling a recrimination for not having even mentioned your own solo to come. I bet you sound like one of God's angels! Best of luck and just let the spirit fill you up!

  6. Yikes. I wash my hair every single day, and have for pretty much...ever. And I am 52. For the record.

    (Aside to previous commenter: Why on earth would that be "weird?")

    Baseball is considered to be Quintessentially American, so you could not be unpatriotic in your simultaneous celebration of our country and its National Pastime. Carry on!

  7. Nance - Titus's hair is about 8 feet long (slight exaggeration), so she wouldn't be washing her hair every day :)

  8. I can usually get away with washing my hair every 3 days... but then I run & sweat just doenst make good hair gel.

  9. Your hair looks fantastic! And, with the global interconnectedness of all things, when I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago, the cutter convinced me NOT to wash my hair every day. Strips the natural oils. I told her that I tossed and turned at night so sometimes my hair was sticking out at odd angles in the morning, forcing me to wash it. She said, wet it, put conditioner in, rinse, and dry. And danged if she wasn't right! Loving it!

  10. 6am - heavens woman!

    Us infidels get the pancakes on shrove Tuesday and don't even have to think about Lent. So we might end up in hell... ah well...


  11. do you think you can get a recording made of the solo? Would be great to hear.

    Good luck with it.

  12. I'm jewish ; I've just recently learnt about Lent , and I must say I like this christian tradition. It is a time for reflection, changing of habits, giving up things, fasting, meditation.
    Hope you achieve all your goals.

    Regarding hair wash, it is generally recommended that we wash our hair no more than twice a week.

  13. I just read about a woman in Chicago who gave up Facebook for Lent, and one of my favorite bloggers is giving up blogging. I caught her over on Twitter, though - microblogging, I teased her!

    It's funny - I've written about Lent every year until this one. I didn't even do the Mardi Gras bit. Maybe a little mid-Lent reflection will pop up.

    Baseball fan, huh? Well, ok. Here's a little something special just for you!

  14. I can only go about 2 days without washing my hair. That's it.

    How many times do you hit snooze? Once? Twice? Set the alarm for 5:45 and you should be up by six (which sounds so cruel--I sleep until 9 or 10, but then I work evening shift and don't wind down until around 2am).

  15. Way to go! I have always struggled with Lent!

    Praying for diligence in these day of preparation for Easter!


  16. My days used to go by so much better when I started them with the rosary. I guess it's never too late to get back into it, huh?

  17. I am so impressed about the Girl Scout Cookies. Those thin mints call my name relentlessly.


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