I'm Cold! No, I'm Hot! No, I'm....

You know how Dr. M always has to pack a long sleeved shirt for me because I’m hot & can’t ever imagine being cold again? This same principal applies to weather patterns. Last week I was moaning about how warm it was & WOULD WE EVER SEE WINTER AGAIN??!! This was the thermometer when I left the house this morning. That looks a bit like winter – don’t you agree?

[Note: 64 is the indoor temp - just in case you were confused]
So of course I broke out the penguin hat because OH NO I’LL NEVER BE WARM AGAIN! Heh.

By noon I was shedding layers & wishing I had worn a tank top to work. And no, I am not having hot flashes! 

Anyway, enough whining – here’s a picture to help with your daily meditations. This is from our ramble yesterday. It was warm in the sun & chilly when the wind blew. Pretty perfect for a reptile like myself who needs outside forces to affect my body temperature. 

My goal for the week: 

Enjoy the days - 

all the days - 

every last one of the days...


  1. It was 50 degrees and sunny when I pulled up to my patient's home. I was wearing a hoodie and my down vest. I left a couple of hours later and froze all the way home. It dropped 15 degrees in 2 hours. I had to blast the heater to get warm.

    I love the peaceful photo and appreciate the reflection of the trees in the lake (or really big pond).

  2. It looks like you could walk across that water, like Peter Sellers in Being There.

  3. lovely photo of the trees and reflection

    Not completely convinced about the penguin hat - but whatever - there's always room for a little eccentricity in life

  4. It has been INSANE around here... today, its in the 50's & sunny.. but literally by the end of the day, its gonna be in the 30's & SNOWING.. WHAT?!?!?!?

  5. Beautiful photo! It sounds like everyone's weather is a little wacky these days. Ah, climate change.

  6. LOL - that a 7 Bruce - not a 1 :)

    Yes, I should probably limit the hat - but it's the first winter hat I've ever had that actually fits my head AND is warm. I just choose to ignore what I look like. Ha!

  7. I love the penguin hat and the meditation picture. And your goal of the wek should be a t-shirt.

  8. I thought the "7" was a "1" also, and that it was the temperature. 139 degrees...sounds like August in Texas. Haha!

    That's actually a pretty cool hat. :)


  9. Great photograph of the reflection of those lovely trees. Looking at it makes me feel at peace.

  10. Came here for the first time through Carolina Linthead. FORTIES? You are just a kid. I LOVED being in my forties. But about YOUR blog. The penguin hat is priceless. Wear it with pride... or insanity.

    BEAUTIFUL shot of the reflections. I think we are having a bizarre winter. A week ago it was 62 degrees in Connecticut. Today it did not hit 30 where I live. I won't talk about the hot/cold thing. I'm forever not knowing how to dress. Although, in my home I would rather put on more layers than have it be too warm. More of an instant gratification, I guess?

    Following your blog now.

  11. Beautiful photos, Bug!

    I covet thy hat.

    It's a crazy non-winter, isn't it?

  12. Love the hat. My niece got me a giraffe hat this Christmas. I wore it one cold day and forgot I had it on, and people seemed SO DANG FRIENDLY. Smiling all the time.

  13. I know what you mean. I need an internal thermostat!

    Love your thermometer/clock. We got Dad one of those and he loves it. Perfect gift for a shut-in.


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