The One Where I Reveal My Exciting Life

So! I haven’t posted since Sunday. I’ve been trying to think poetic thoughts & they just meander through my brain & out the other side (which, if you’ve seen the magpie prompt for this week would seem to make for an excellent poem to match the picture, but no.). And I really wanted to join in with Naimh in Official Worldwide Say Something Controversial week but, my mind is a placid shallow pool and I’m not feeling very controversial (well, except as regarding the Republican field of candidates – only I’m not sure my views are all that controversial being as how they’re probably actually mainstream at this point). Since I have no poems or controversies to offer I’ll simply update you on my week.

On Monday I went to bed at 9:30. And promptly stuck my toe through the sheet again. Apparently, as you can see, my “sewing” didn’t really work very well.

On Tuesday I, hmmm, I’m not sure what I did on Tuesday. Oh! I know! This was my view on my way to work for about 25 minutes as they cleared away an accident on one of the two lane roads I travel.

I elected to not attempt a three point road turn since both shoulders dropped off by several feet. And also I don’t know another way to get to work from there. Sad. I shall study the map in case of future traffic jams.

Today I worked really hard (actually, this has been a pretty busy week altogether at work) and walked for about 10 minutes in the parking lot with a coworker. I have a long way to go before I’ll be doing any “walks for the cure” that’s for sure. But, most importantly, Dr. M bought new sheets! And he washed them! Woot! It’s the simple things people.

It’s frighteningly beautiful these days. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop – perhaps a blizzard next week? Or a summer full of over 100 degree temps? Scary!

Dr. M teaches late on Wednesdays so I’ve just been hanging out with my other best friend.

I know you’re jealous. 


  1. "Other" best friend? You really need to get out more. Haha!

    I'm trying to work up to a 5K, maybe someday even a half marathon. Both still seem a long way off. Hope you have better luck on your training. :)


  2. I'm not jealous! I think your best friend sucks. That is a vacuum cleaner, right?

  3. Hehe, you look happy with your friend. Is that a guitar I see behind you? Who plays? Are there recordings?

  4. so happiness may not exist IN a vacuum, but certainly appears to exist WITH a vacuum

  5. I swallowed my gum when I read Stephen's response. So unladylike.

  6. I was going to say, I think it's time for new sheets. Darning can only take you so far. Glad Dr M agreed. :)

  7. You guys are funny - Old Blue and I actually aren't best friends, but I decided to call a truce for the photo op.

    Argent - that's Dr. M's guitar, but he doesn't really play. He thought he might (he plays the dulcimer), but it ended up not being something he enjoys very much. He might get back to it sometime when he has time to fiddle around with it a little more.

  8. The weather is frightfully nice here too. I think it is groundhog day today. I wonder why we keep this tradition going with all the crazy weather the past few years....

  9. I'm inviting you and your Best Friend up here to NEO for a visit. Weekly. I detest vacuuming.

    (Wow. That was going to be waaay funnier until Stephen Hayes stepped on my line. Hey, Stephen Hayes, got anything good that uses "Dyson" as a pun? ME EITHER!)

    LOL. Just makin' friends....

  10. Ha Nance - not on your life! I dislike vacuuming with a dislike that is...a lot.

    You would love Stephen's blog - you should go check it out :)

  11. I am sooo tired. I am supposed to be determinedly visiting blogs today and I fell asleep somewhere between yours and the last blog I visited.

    I have to say the warm winters are getting to me. Living on the north side of the lake, we are getting tons of rain and cloudy conditions... we are where the warmth ends and the cold begins. Cloudy, foggy rainy... blagh. I like when we get a true winter cold snap. Dry sunny weather that's very cold, but at least you can go out and enjoy it. You are not squirreled away in the house with a vacuum.

    I just noticed your shirt matches the color of the vacuum. Are you SURE you are not hanging out together? =D Love your post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. aha, not much less controversial than my own attempt to be fair!

  13. My week rivals yours for pure excitement :) Busy, but nothing earth shatteringly different.

    That man of yours is a keeper. To not only go out and buy the sheets but to wash them, too, is going above and beyond!

    Our town is insane in January, slightly less so in February, when it comes to traffic jams. 'Cause of all the tourists who invade. The locals know which back roads to use, but recently some "genius" at the municipality decided to make things interesting by changing some of the two-way streets to one-way streets which led to UTTER CHAOS. Someone obviously had too much time on their hands.


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