Rachel Fox has challenged us to write a poem about a favorite musician or songwriter or singer. I don't know that this describes my favorite of any of these categories, but it does describe a time when music was part of the ritual of my life. After you read my poem go to Rachel's page & read the other poems, ok?


I sat on an ugly couch
in a room with orange curtains,
laughing as a kitten pounced
on every stroke of my pen.
I was fifteen or maybe sixteen
and I had the 8 track player
going like teenagers do -
Rachmaninoff for
Captain & Tenille
for math and singing
at the top of my lungs,
"Love will keep us together!"
I believed every word.
Even the ones about
muskrats dancing.


  1. Ah, yes. I can relate. (Except for the part about Rachmaninoff.)

    Remember when the Captain & Tennille had a variety show? We were loyal viewers.

  2. A sweet poem about the effects of music on a young person. Very nice.

  3. Lovely. I sang along with C & T on the radio...

  4. Wahoo Bug In the Sidecar!
    Enjoyed it!

  5. Lovely picture - brings me back to long evenings by the radio

  6. Very nice. I have advanced in technology but not in practice. Now I have a playlist on my iPod for almost every activity. For reading, for housework, for exercise, for knitting, for background when we have guests, and almost everything you can imagine. Gotta have my music.

  7. Oh, my golly, Captain & Tennille! Loved it. Thanks for the blast from the past... even the muskrat love!


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