It's Magic!*

I have stared at the trees across the way for so long that my eyes think it’s a “magic eye” picture & they’re trying to figure out where the whale is. Nothing even remotely interesting has entered my brain, but I have to post something – right?

So here’s an email I sent to Dr. M:

I just got back from a banner lunch break:

  • I got what I hope are good pictures of the Tax Time Pig & his goosey cohorts dressed as bumblebees.
  • I found three packages of my favorite dental floss** at the Walgreens (yes, I bought all three).
  • I celebrated by getting some new hair doodads (on sale) instead of getting ice cream.

There you go, just another exciting day in the life of the Bug.

P.S. Starting this Sunday I’m republishing my Sundays in Zambia posts from a couple of years ago.

*It's not really magic.

**The price for that floss in the link I posted is insane! More than double what I paid. I know it's my favorite & all, but I'm pretty sure I'd just make do if I couldn't find the floss for a reasonable price.


  1. First, hair doodads are always fun.

    Second, that dental floss price IS insane.

    Lastly, my dear, you are never not interesting.

  2. have more to talk about than I do! I have been in a no talking kind of place..

  3. Kinda slow news day when your big story involves scoring some dental floss, huh? haha! :)


  4. I'm looking forward to your Sundays in I wrote earlier, our curate is from Zambia and his dad is a Bishop there. So roll on Zambia!!

  5. What's a banner lunch?! What's a doodad?!

    So much here to intrigue...

  6. Banner lunch = most excellent (although I actually ate at my desk, so I could shop during my lunch hour).

    Doodad = thingamajig or whatchamacallit. Basically I got a barrette & some clips for my hair :)

    L&S - I was VERY concerned that maybe they'd stopped making my floss, so this was pretty darn noteworthy to me. Heh.

  7. I've been reduced to post after post of pictures of flowers or squash as the case may be.

    My favorite dental floss is Glide, just plain ole unflavored un super duper special whatever, just plain Glide. Can't find it out here and when I do, it's $4 or $5.

  8. If you lived here I would swear you are the reason why I can never find my favorite floss. Wonder why I have to go to so many drugstores before I find it? Heck, I might just pay the price to Amazon so I can be sure of having some.

  9. Well, it's the little things, as they say! :)

  10. You two could probably write a book with your emails back and forth...very entertaining! Good job going with the hair things and not the ice cream. :)


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