So last night I was reading blogs & someone posted a lovely version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Very nice (you should go check it out). And that got me to thinking about how I’ve read that “so & so’s version is ok, but nothing matches Jeff Buckley.” Since I’d never heard his version I decided to check it out. Hmmm. Not so much. I like those young ladies in the version above. And I like these guys’ version pretty well. And of course, k.d. lang sings the version as far as I’m concerned. But Mr. Buckley’s version doesn’t knock my socks off.

I know you’ve been waiting on pins & needles for my opinion. Thank goodness you can stop worrying about it now.

I just reread the first paragraph & the word “version” stands out as being a tad overused. Version version version. It’s actually kind of fun to say. Go ahead – say it. Use the Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) voice.


I feel like I’ve got short-timer’s disease. You know – someone’s about to retire or change jobs & they just go ahead & check out early? We’ll be heading to the beach in 11 days. But who’s counting?  Then we’ll spend some time at the Daddy & Amy B&B. I’m kind of excited about the whole thing.

We had our first choir anthem with our new director this past Sunday. We weren’t perfect, but we killed the last verse so everyone thought we were awesome. Same choir members, but a whole new sound. Turns out that it is better to have an actual person leading the choir. I don’t think I realized just how much we missed our old director, who retired after Easter last year. I wonder if the new guy will have us singing Hallelujah? Actually, I don’t consider Hallelujah to be a religious song at all, so I’m thinking not!

 Here – I’ll let you decide for yourself.


  1. I like Buckley's version, but I feel as if it was a cultural phenomenon that we missed. For some, it is the verse k.d. omits, for others, it is the moment in which they heard Buckley's version. For me, however, it is Lang's total ownership of the song. Cohen and his collaborator apparently agree.

  2. Love this KD Lang version of the song. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. The kd lang album that includes this song, "Hymns of the 49th Parallel," is one of my favorite albums. It's incredible.

  4. My mam's gospel choir sing it and I'm always secretly hoping they'll go into the verses by mistake - think you're right it's not really religious, in a churchy sense at least.

  5. I totally agree with you about k.d. lang. but then I love k.d. lang. the Norwegian guys run a very close second though. very close.

  6. I like the word "version" too, and it's always followed in my mind by "aversion."

    Never heard the KD Lang version but she does it well.

  7. I have several versions of the song on my iPod, but I think I like the one by Leonard Cohen best.

  8. I love the stylings of k.d. lang, too. See how deftly I avoided your V word?

  9. well for me there are several versions. I like Buckley's version a lot - but i also like Cohen's original.

    MY version i guess is where i heard it first which was...erm..well..in the film Shrek...

    But the version that gave me the most shivers?

    One day me and Argent were just jamming and we played Hallelujah on guitar and she just started belting it out

    I still have goosebumps...

  10. I'll confess - I've never heard Cohen's version (version - heh). I'll have to take care of that tonight!

    And DFTP? You guys need to record that. Really. I need to hear it too! (And I miss Argent - hope she can get back to us soon).


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