Senior Moments...

Daddy & Amy mopped up at the Senior Games again this year.

First of all, they won a gold medal for their skit this year. As you can see, I get my lack of shame honestly.

Daddy didn't win anything in the singing competition this year. He didn't actually sing - he just whistled a tune that he's had in his head for years (that none of us recognized - actually, we thought he was kind of crazy). Then he asked the audience if any of them recognized it. And someone did! They said it was Milord. Who knew? [Note: Edith Piaf made it famous, but I'm linking to an English version sung by Cher - ha!]

Then they went on a field day extravaganza. Here's a picture of Daddy's medals.

He won four silver & three gold in spincasting, basketball shoot, shot put, football throw, table tennis, discus & standing long jump - check out this hang time :)

I didn't take a picture of Amy's medals, but she won gold in basketball shoot, softball throw, standing long jump, corn hole toss, shot put, football throw & discus. Whew!

I'm amazed at their ability to get out there & move their bodies. I plan to grow up to be like them - but I'd better get busy!


  1. I think this is how you reverse the hands of time. Good for them! They look like they're having a blast.

  2. WOW! Cu-do's to living life to the fullest. They should be an example for all of us!


  3. Can you say 'role models?' Oh yes!

  4. That is so inspiration... never stop having fun... never stop MOVING!!!
    Love it!!!

  5. Hooray!!! You gotta love a man who puts on two knee braces and competes in the standing long jump. I know you want to grow up just like him.

  6. That is really inspiring! I couldn't do any of that...

  7. Yay for them! I bet your dad is glad to know that tune has a name!

  8. They are so inspiring, make me feel like a lazy lump and they are such a handsome couple, congrats to them:)

  9. Wow! What an inspiring post. I'm going to go out and have a walk RIGHT NOW. Oh, wait... it's hot out there. Maybe this evening....

    Joking aside, those are marvelous photos and marvelous smiles. I'm smiling right back at them.


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