I'm turning 50 in 2014. (That just seems surreal to me). Pixel Peeper has been doing a 54 new things by 54 on her blog & that has inspired me to do something similar. Except that I'm going to try to do 50 things that I've been Meaning to Get Around To. I'm going to write them down and I'm going to check my progress regularly. And I'm going to reserve the right to change some of the items at my own whim. I sat down today & made a good start to my list. Here are the first 25.

1.     Review this list every Sunday & plan which items I can do that week.
2.     Go see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
3.     Visit the Leo Petroglyph.
4.     Go to an exhibit at the local historical society museum.
5.     Check out the Serpent Mound again.
6.     Make exercise as much of a habit as brushing & flossing my teeth! (I have come up with some mini goals to make this happen)
7.     Corral my sweet tooth. Your guess is as good as mine as to how I do it, but I’m going to start by writing down everything I eat – especially since most people who lost weight & kept it off used a food journal. I’ll reevaluate this goal in June 2013 to see how things are going.
8.     Stay in a cabin in Hocking Hills.
9.     Work a jigsaw puzzle in my own home (this will require sacrificial use of the kitchen table).
10.   Watch the rest of the Thin Man movies.
11.   Go see Les Misérables in the theater.
12.   Go to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.
13.   Reduce our debt by $10,000 (more would be better!).
14.    Eat fast food no more than twice per week.
15. Reduce my use of frozen dinners for lunch – no more than two per week (less would be better!).
16.  Turn the computer off & crochet more in the evenings (I’ll need an action plan for this one – perhaps a buzzer that goes off at 8:00 so I have to get off of Facebook?).
17.  Drink 36 ounces of actual water a day (more would be better!).
18.  Do the jar of notes about good things for 2013 (Note: Find a jar for the notes).
19.  Organize the spare room (I might have to do this in stages).
20. Get my hair trimmed at least twice!
21. Finally go see my Aunt Mimi’s house & property.
22. Visit the site of Henry River Mill Village.
23.  Visit my cousin Scottie & her husband John.
24.   Find a pair of short black boots suitable for work and snow.
25. Text my brother once per week.

Some of these are a little more amorphous than others. I'll try to come up with plans for them so that I'm not sitting down to my birthday cake wondering why they didn't happen!

What would you guys put on the list?


  1. Interesting idea...only problem is that the older one gets, the more things there are to do...just when I'm, ER, I mean, just when one might be too tired to do them!

    Truly a good idea, Bug. I find if I don't have a roadmap, I just go in circles!

  2. I'm thinking about doing the jar of notes too. Also, we are debt free for the first time in many years. All caught up with the IRS finally.

  3. Trade recipes with people or some such? I find getting new recipes helps me feel more energized when I am staring the same old diet food in the face.

    Knit some things?

  4. I believe you'll have fun with this!

    If I did another thing like this, I'd add a few books to my list. I seem to never "get around" to reading some that I always mean to read. Many years ago, one of my co-workers bought a cookbook and made every single recipe in that book, at the rate of one per week. I remember being quite awestruck by this.

    I'm looking forward to your 50x50!

  5. We're going to California in less than two weeks to visit friends. In May we plan a trip to Colorado for the wedding of a daughter of another good friend and to visit our granddaughter. Move to Phoenix. Make our first trip to Hawaii. Whew! I'm bushed already.

  6. I think this is a wonderful idea! I think maybe you should add learning to knit! I'll come down to Hocking Hills to teach you at the same time you're there and we'll sit on that porch together.

  7. Your list is quite ambitious. Good luck. If anyone can achieve these goals it's you.

  8. well, you know me and my penchant for list-o-fives so a special one just for you:

    #1: Get a better job ASAP
    #2: As a reward for #1 buy a Mandolin
    #3: Either finish or delete a novel I've been trying to resolve for most of my adult life
    #4: gonna agree with your #11 as long as by "theatre" you mean the cinema release
    #5: try to do more paintings
    #6: keep on running and start cycling again if possible

  9. Love this!

    We got an old vase to use as our 'good things' jar for the year... hoping we stick to it.

    YES YES YES - go see Les Miz!!!!!

  10. That sounds like a good assortment of goals -- some that are relatively easy (Les Miserables, for example) mixed with some that are more long-term and challenging. Go for it!

  11. I love this idea. You can borrow my set of Thin Man movies if you need too. I grew up watching them and love each and every one. I'm looking forward to hearing your report on that one!

  12. I like the jar idea. I might just do a word file on my computer, or better yet, keep a special journal. Too often, I forget about the daily Nice Things that happen. I think I'll keep it by my bed and write in it each evening. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Okay, I'll try to do the water thing with you, and I love the idea of going to a cabin in the woods. I mean, how could that be anything but good... even if a bear shows up. And #21.... I really should go see my niece's house. She's been there over a year. I'm a no good auntie.

  14. A great list! I need to accomplish a few of them too!

  15. I love the variety! And that you are thinking about them. I think writing them down and posting them is a huge step! We just saw les mis in the theater after seeing it twice on broadway....amazing!

  16. Oh, and btw, you and mike are welcome here anytime! :)

  17. I like this idea!!!!!

    I may steal it...but then I am not sure I could come up with 52 things....


  18. and I love PETROGLYPH's, we saw some when we were on vacation out west and then again in hawaii....very cool I think!

  19. Oh, gosh! That means I'd have to do 67 x 67! Yikes!

    But what a fun idea. I've got to ponder this a bit, and then I'll be back. 50 x 50 sounds so much more - tidy - than 67 x 67!

  20. As usual, I'm planning to steal this. See my blog post on Saturday (it's too close to the end of the day today, and Friday I'll likely be stealing from RevGals). I think one of the items on each of our lists should be to SEE each other again!


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