It's time for my weekly review of  my 50x50 list. First of all, how am I doing on my daily/weekly items? Well, I'm reviewing the list now, so #1 gets a check mark - ha! I have NOT moved my body in any significant manner, although I've been pretty much well for about three days now. And although I have journaled my food every day it hasn't really curbed my sweet tooth. I've actually done ok with not eating frozen dinners and/or getting fast food. And I did text my brother once. But I'm really thirsty just thinking about all the water I did not drink [takes another big swig of water].

So, that's that. I didn't do any of the activities on the list. And now I'm adding some more - here are 26 - 35:

26. Visit Carillon Historical Park

28.  Try to crochet a garment for myself (not a hat or scarf. Maybe this.)
29. Get rid of my stamping & scrapbooking things (to make room for yarn – ha!)
30. Try to grow lettuce.
31. Finally visit Rita & Mike.
32. Meet K, J & S in the mountains like we’ve planned for two years now.
33. Give up cable and our land line (Dr. M & I have talked about this – I reserve the right to change this one if we change our minds).
34. Finally clean up all the clutter at the office (I know my boss would be thrilled about this one).
35. Make an appointment to see a dermatologist just because.

I had really better get started on checking some of these one-time things off the list! I'm off to look for that jigsaw puzzle someone gave me with all the chocolates on it (wait, doesn't that conflict with goal #7?). 


  1. the knitting project looks like a lot of work.

    There's a famous story about Tom "Doctor Who" Baker's infamous scarf which was that they gave lots of balls of wool to the producer's mother and said "make a scarf with that" and she thought she had to use it all - the end result was 14 foot long

    Don't set yourself too many goals - as that will make it harder to hit them

  2. You are an ambitious one. You can't go wrong with #35. So important.

  3. While I have no doubt I could live well without my land line, I worry about the cable. No can do, though I do think it's obscenely expensive. I have, however, been considering dialing down to basic cable and getting rid of the stations I never watch, but pay a lot to keep.

  4. We got rid of our land line ages and ages ago and never missed it. And we have always only had basic cable.

    You can do it!

  5. DFTP - I have a scarf that's about that long. I just kept going & going. Dr. M decided that it was HIS scarf.

    Nance - we just have basic cable. We only have two real hitches: 1. our internet is part of a "bundle" with the other two & we don't know how much it would cost alone - would it be worth dropping the other services? 2. Cincinnati Reds baseball - we wouldn't be able to watch any games without cable. On the other hand, last summer we didn't really watch it all that often.

  6. I envy you goal oriented people. I need to get organized.

  7. I need to do No. 35 on your list. Never been to a dermatologist, and a friend of mine is adamant that everyone should see one.


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