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--I am in the midst of a three day binge – my biyearly* Huge Filing Project. Yes, it’s huge because I forgot to do it last year. It involves moving many older closed files into boxes (in the process lugging the boxes around multiple times), and then moving files from the active file drawers to the recently depleted closed file drawers. It’s all very complicated, and always involves finding a file from 2007 that I can only hope will now fit in its box in the basement. Perhaps I should just create a new box called “Found 2007.”

All of this hard manual labor (hey – it’s hard manual labor to me!) is reminding me that last year sometime I promised myself that I would do some sort of weight training for my arms. I think that lasted about 2 weeks. And it is now evident that it might have behooved me to keep up with that stuff. Or alternatively, to take care of this file project in a more timely manner.

I’m a little concerned that I won’t be able to lift my arms to crochet anything tomorrow. Or drive. Can I file a Worker’s Comp claim if I can’t drive to work?

--Dr. M wrote an excellent post about the President’s proposed gun reforms. Read it here if you’re interested.

--My friend Joanne (she is our former choir director & I eat dinner with her every Tuesday) has been steadily declining over the last year and she has now been moved to a nursing home and is unresponsive. We've been told to visit & talk to her, so I'm meeting a fellow choir member there tonight - Tanya is bringing her guitar. Joanne has been near death before & rebounded & was able to move back home. So I'm not counting her out. But it also might just be time. Prayer, good thoughts, letters to Buddha - all would be appreciated.

Spring 2012
[Note: Joanne passed away about 45 minutes before I got to the nursing home. Her family let me go in to say goodbye.]

*I had to look up the term “biyearly” to make sure I was using it correctly (I wanted to say “every two years” not “twice a year”) & I found this way to remember which will now be forever burned into my brain: “…bisexual isn't someone who's attracted to half a gender, its someone who's attracted to two genders.”


  1. I'll pray for your lifting ability via arms. Saw something on Ellen the other day that I recall every time I lift something now. "Conventional wisdom is that one should lift with the legs, but I've always found it easier to use my arms." I hope that comforts you. Wink.

    Sorry about Joanne. I have no doubt that your presence and a little music will cheer her.

  2. Give Joanne my best. I know she'll enjoy you visit.

  3. Filing! Such a chore, a real bind, but oh so necessary. I tend to feel sorry for all those who have to do such tedious tasks.
    Unresponsive Joanne, a sad time for all those who know her. You are kind in visiting her. I know that so many older people who drift into dementia and other sad periods can and do respond to music of an 'earlier time'. Best wishes to you Dana.

  4. Hopefully both you and Joanne can make nice recoveries. Now I'm off to read Dr. M's post. ;)


  5. I'm sorry about your friend Joanne.

    Count me among those who had trouble with "biyearly" and "biannually" - now I'll always remember the correct meanings. Thanks!

  6. So sorry about Joanne.

    Isn't the word for every two years "biennial"? I'm not sure "biyearly" is really a word, though I do see that it appears in online dictionaries.

  7. so sorry about your friend

    thinking about bi-annual and bi-sexual is an interesting mnemonic - but it makes me wonder about your attitude towards bicycles

    BTW - i don't appear to be appearing in your blogroll so would like to let you know i've been posting if you want to have a read x

  8. biennial = once every 2 years
    biannual = twice a year

    bisexual on a bicycle = queer way of travelling? Wot, no car?

  9. Oh, that tricky biyearly thing. :)

    My condolences on your friend Joanne. I hope her transition was peaceful.

  10. May light perpetual shine upon Joanne. Glad you got to say goodbye. XO

  11. Sigh. It's awful when your forgetfulness or sloth or avoidance comes back to plague you doubly.

    Poor Joanne. But at least you have not only memories and the satisfaction of knowing you were a good friend, but also that wonderful picture of her and her big honking ice cream sundae! That should be enlarged and displayed at her memorial. It is joyous.

  12. That choked me up :( Glad you got to got a moment to spend to say good bye with your friend.

  13. Very soory for your loss. Blessings to you and her friends and family.

  14. I'm so very sorry for your loss, Dana.

  15. so sorry to read that about ur friend. she looks like a woman after my own heart with that dessert.

  16. It is not the dead who mourn and weep, but we who mourn their passing. Joanne is, no doubt, free of pain and weakness. I pray strength for those who love her.


  17. So sorry for your loss Dana. I have become the worst filer ever in the last few years at our house. When I had to do it...when I worked as a secretary...I really hated it. It is a necessary evil though I guess.


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