2013 Project 365 – Week Nine

I have to say that I’m missing being able to rant & discuss random Very Important Happenings with all you people. In fact, there are going to be at least two mini blog posts within this one. So grab a cup of coffee (or a Sun Drop) – this will take a while.

First – a rant: My email is Capricious. The definition of capricious (whimsical - wayward - fickle - freakish – crotchety) is “Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.” People aren’t getting emails from me. I’m not getting replies from them. Randomly. It’s most frustrating. So, in case you were expecting to hear from me: Happy birthday Jenny! I vote yes on the parochial report. I need to trade with someone for the Eucharistic visit next week. The book came!! I can’t wait to read it! And if you’ve replied to any of these emails – I’m sorry I haven’t received any of your replies. Please try this email address instead: danarhyne1964 at yahoo.com. Rant over. Whew.

Sunday, February 24th   
The moon!

Monday, February 25th   
Even ducks stare at Dr. M!

Fat robin – maybe spring will be here soon?

OK, here’s the second mini post. The State of the Bug – rather inept. I took this picture of myself.

And then I decided that I’d like to try to get a picture of the back of my head. I had braided my hair after I washed it that morning & I wanted to see what it looked like. I didn’t have very much success.

Then I remembered that my camera had a delay feature. Duh. I thought I had figured it out, but apparently not.

Success! Sheesh.

Tuesday, February 26th           
I had a doctor’s appointment.

My tulips are still lovely…

Wednesday, February 27th  
Dr. M saw some crows…

I took a picture of the sheep in the snow.

Thursday, February 28th    
It was a cute little snow…

Friday, March 1st  
My birthday is on Sunday & my coworkers gave me a card – M made it (& wrote the little poem – ha!) – and a cinnamon roll :)

I had to laugh when I saw this car in the parking lot at work. The sign says, “Reserved for Hybrid Vehicle Parking Only.”

The Tax Time Pig is feeling goofy.

The weekly squirrel.

Saturday, March 2nd      
I bought myself a little birthday cake at the grocery store. Actually, I expect there will be cake at church tomorrow (it’s brunch Sunday), so I didn’t want to give myself TOO much cake.

Dr. M gave me Val Kilmer for my birthday – this is movie #3. Yum.

Go to Mamma Fran’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. Happy birthday!!!! Hope it's a great day! Yay for robins and your hair is beautiful!

  2. I really like your idea of extending the life of a bouquet by putting petals in a pretty jar or vase. So glad you shared it here!

  3. my weekly Dana fix! I have to go get blood drawn next Wednesday, a fasting draw. ugh.

  4. Let's see....nice moon, birds, hair, book, flowers, snow, old car, Tax Pig, squirrel, cake, movie, and last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)


  5. Your efforts to get a shot of the back of your head made me chuckle and hope you had a lovely birthday.

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  12. happy birthday bug - as usual love the shots of the moon and the birds - want to know who the guitar in the Val Kilmer shot belongs to

    An annoying fact is that Val attended a conference near me a few years ago - but i only found out about it after the event

  13. Best wishes for your special day. And as always huzzah for the tax pig.

  14. Happy birthday!!!

    Love the braid. Very nice.

    The pic of the robin is encouraging. I'm ready for spring.

    I wonder how much the family of the Tax Time Pig spends a year on clothing for him. :)

  15. Happy birthday!

    I'm jealous of your long thick hair! And of course that car is a hybrid - it's a perfect blend of "boat" and "car."

  16. Happy Birthday blogger buddy! How many days are you celebrating it? I've counted four so far.

  17. My guitar, Pixies. Not anything special, Washburn D-10S with zebrawood veneer. Pretty, and with a good sound. I had high hopes when I bought it, and it is a very usable guitar, but my hands are a mess, as is my heart, and so I abandoned it. Sad, really. I also abandoned my dulcimers. It is as if the music left me when my mom died. Wow...that was honest. Thanks for asking, actually...I needed to type that, think on it.

  18. The ducks are beautiful!
    And your hairdo and color too!
    Love the necklace.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Danabug!

  19. Happy belated birthday! Which Val Kilmer movie is that?! Your tulips DO look great in that jar.

  20. Steve - that one is Thunderheart. I liked it quite a bit. The second one was that lion one in Africa with Michael Douglas - it was just ok. My favorite Val Kilmer is The Saint - we watched it first.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good husband to get you Val Kilmer... so sweet ;)

    I love your braid. Your hair is getting LONG!!!!

    I love you put your tulips leaves in a bowl. Smart!

    Love a Goofy-Pig!!! :)

  22. Happy Birthday to you! Loved all the pictures today. I think I had a classic car like the one in your picture once.

  23. Happy Birthday, who wouldn't wat Val Kilmer for their birthday???

    Still a bit under the weather so I skipped P365 this time.

    Have a great week

  24. Happy Birthday, Dana!

    I hope you get the email stuff sorted.

    The ducks are beautiful!

  25. Happy Birthday, Dana!

    I hope you get the email stuff sorted.

    The ducks are beautiful!

  26. And I have to say, with the fits my wifi is giving me, I'm surprised my above comment didn't post 6 times, because that's how many times I impatiently pushed the Publish Your Comment button.

  27. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear dana bug! happy birthday to you!

    love the moon picture. very pretty!


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