2014 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s often a rough day for the Bug household, but this year hasn’t been too bad. Maybe because we’re busy packing for our vacation! 

By the way - I took so many selfies this week for one reason or another. Ridiculous! I’m not sharing all of them with you guys (aren’t you glad?), but there are still several here. Sheesh. 

Sunday, May 4th       
One of the gifts I gave Dr. M for Christmas was a sampler pack for three shows at the Dayton Performing Arts Center. Tonight was our first show – Aida!

The Daily Walk. It’s kind of hard to tell, but this is a spiral staircase at the arts center – I walked up & down it twice & counted it for my daily walk.

Monday, May 5th
The Daily Walk.

Dr. M saw some wildlife on his way home from school.

Tuesday, May 6th            
I got my hair did.


Spring flowers…

The Daily Walk.

Wednesday, May 7th
The Daily Walk – I walked around the parking lots at work.

Dr. M found some more phlox for me – so pretty!

Thursday, May 8th       
The Daily Walk – I walked with a coworker. I think we’ll be doing this regularly once I get back from vacation.


Dove in flight.

The moon!

Friday, May 9th
I took a thermometer to work to see how cold my office is. I guess 68 isn’t THAT cold. Unless you’re me. Brr!

I’m making some progress on this puzzle.

The Daily Walk.

Saturday, May 10th  
It was graduation day at Dr. M’s school. Isn’t he spiffy?

And then he got to look at this silliness on the way home.

The Daily Walk.

Our second event at Dayton Performing Arts – a Best of Broadway Pops concert. Fun!

Have a great week!


  1. You always look beautiful, but Tuesday's photo is absolutely mah-vah-lous!

    68º in your office? Are you working in a meat-packing plant? :-p

    And great idea, walking with a co-worker. They say if you have a walking buddy, it increases your chances of walking and the time you walk. Sometimes I wish I had a walking partner for lunch-time walks.

  2. Daily walk....good idea. I do 4 a day, but there's a dog on the end of the leash going .0003 mph, so I'm not sure it counts. Have a great week. :)


  3. You are definitely the queen of "selfies." Your long hair looks amazing in that one picture.

  4. so proud of you for sticking with your goal! the stairs picture made me a little dizzy!!

    That was a GREAT birthday present...one I would love!

  5. Enjoy the good times with the Doc..

  6. 68 degrees is frigid, especially for sitting at a desk for most of your work. That's brutal. I love the llama with the bangs. So fashionable.

  7. You have such pretty hair. Good, healthy, shiny stuff.
    I'm impressed with your selfies. I don't think mine would turn out that well. I'm inspired by your daily walk, so much so that I might actually get up off my duff and take a walk.... pretty soon.
    The sampler pack was a fantastic gift. They say that we tend to get over our enjoyment about three months after receiving a gift unless the gift is an experience. Then our enjoyment grows as we remember or retell the experience... even years later.

  8. Very cool selfies! Makes me wish I had long hair.
    The one looking up to the sun, my fav!
    You are a puzzle maniac!
    Have a wonderful vacation!!!


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