Throw Back Thursday

My cousin, Kim, & I horsing around in my childhood kitchen

Isn't that the most 70s picture ever? All that harvest gold and orange. That grease can on the stove. My Dorothy Hamill haircut. That Mad Magazine board game we were apparently playing before Kim decided to pull my hair (maybe I was winning!).

So much about that kitchen has changed - new cabinets, new stove, new fridge, new window over the sink - but the friendship is still a big part of my life. Kim - you can pull my hair next time I come to town - ha!


  1. You are's all those little things that bring back all those memories! I wish I had a picture of the kitchen in the house where I grew up. Ah, the good old days when film and developing were so expensive you would never think of taking a picture of something as ordinary as a kitchen.

    What's the thing on the wooden valance above the kitchen window? At first I thought it was a bottle of something (something alcoholic?) on a shelf, but then I looked closer and noticed that it wasn't a shelf.

  2. Cute picture. In the 70s we weren't sticking mushrooms on our fridge; we were eating and smoking them.

  3. And that scalloped cornice board over the sink. Whose bright idea was that? I'll betcha our kids will be looking back on our kitchens now, the ones we think are "state of the art" and laugh like little hyenas 30 years from now. :)


  4. What a hoot! I had that haircut and those curtains, too. Even your sweater was gold. What a decade!

  5. no avocado green appliances though. don't see any shag carpeting either. I still have a grease can but I keep mine in the freezer.

    1. My mom's kitchen was avocado green, Ellen! I think Dana's family had shag in the living room :-)


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