2014 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

I’m writing this from lovely (but dry), Hickory, NC. We’ve had a really nice few days here. I worked hard to whittle down the pictures & the only reason I have as “few” as I do is because Dr. M did two posts of flowers. You can check them out here & here (go on – it’s worth your time!).

Sunday, June 29th     
Today was our church picnic. We had lovely weather for it – such a fun time.

My daily walk. I took a box along to pick up the broken glass I saw the day before. And yes, I cut myself on the glass. Sheesh.

I took a picture of him & he took a picture of me. Ha!

Monday, June 30th
My daily walk – the neighborhood artists have been hard at work. Oh, & yes I missed a piece of glass yesterday – fortunately I didn’t cut myself this time.

Our double orange day lilies have started blooming – gorgeous!

Our house is ready for the 4th.

Tuesday, July 1st          
My daily walk – fortunately the thunder wasn’t all that close.

Wednesday, July 2nd  
My daily walk.

I should have been packing for our trip, but I crocheted a patriotic headband instead.

Thursday, July 3rd     
We drove to NC today & took our favorite detour. The sheep were out, but it was twilight, so they’re kind of hard to see.

My daily walk, at the hotel.

Friday, July 4th  
I don’t know – this thing is kind of LARGE, isn’t it? I feel like I’m wearing a tiara – ha!

Took pictures of one of my dad’s dogs – Mickey. Galoot :)

We went to a cookout at my aunt’s & uncle’s house – fun! I had a picture of my weight watcher’s leader (she wanted to “go on vacation” with her members) – we played cornhole together -heh. I asked my dad to make Sundrop banana ice cream for me – yum!

My daily walk.

Saturday, July 5th     
We visited with some of Dr. M’s relatives at his dad’s house – I love to sit on his porch for a while.

I wandered around a bit, but it was too hot to take a real walk. But I did see this goat in the yard next door. He was annoyed with me!

Later that evening I walked around my dad’s property – such a lovely evening.

While I was walking around Dr. M was taking pictures of swifts & barn swallows & a mockingbird & its baby.

Recognize this Bruce?

The moon!

Have a great week!


  1. Love the point/counterpoint selfies....and....and pretty much all the rest of them, too. :)


  2. I'm gonna need to know about this Sundrop banana ice cream...

    Your pictures make me think that I might be overdue for a vacation. You've been to Delaware AND North Carolina, and I haven't been on any trip recently. *Pouts* Not that I'm keeping score or anything. I'm just ready for a vacation.

    1. You need a vacation! Maybe back to New York in warmer weather? Maybe Europe? And how about that German team in the World Cup? On the other hand, ahem, remember your trip to Charleston? ;-)

  3. Love your patriotic tiara.

  4. That orange lily is incredible. I don't think I've seen one in person.

    1. It's a double-orange day lily, Stephen. Apparently they've been around a long time, because some people associate them with grandparents' flowers, etc. We got our "taters" from Ellen, who lives south of Houston.

  5. I'm impressed that Dr. M was able to get such a clear shot of a flying swallow. Those things move fast. I tried to shoot some (with a camera!) in midair last week and all I got were blurs, mostly because focusing on an airborne object is difficult!

    I like your July 4 headband! I don't think it looks too large.

    Your "daily walk" series are a testament to my belief that there are ALWAYS interesting things to photograph. I can't get through a day without taking at least one picture! There's just so much out there.

    1. Thank you, Steve! I liken shooting swallows to Luke Skywalker defending the Millennium Falcon against TIE fighters. I shoot with both eyes open, one tracking swallows in the sky and the other looking through the lens of my dslr. I set the camera to the basic "sport" setting, as it prioritizes shutter speed and doesn't need a focus lock. I track as best I can, and when the images in each eye coincide, I fire. I have lots of missed shots/blurred shots! It is most challenging. And yes, there is always something worth photographing! I love the way you see the world...

  6. That lily is beautiful, love the blue toenails, and of course, I love porch sitting, too.

  7. That trip looks delightful!!!

    Love, love the picture of the lily. I have those in my yard, too so i'm going to copy you. :)

  8. Loved your week and glad you made it to NC. Now please stop annoying the goat.

    1. Ha! We love the Old North State...glad to visit it for a few days.

  9. hi bug - it's been a while since i've been in blogland - a kind of haitus whilst my creativity stepped out for a while. I wanted to pop by and say hey and thanks for the comment back in june: sorry i missed it till now, its been a crazy time here. Anyway - your pictures are as great as ever and i will try and visit more often - not sure about a new blog at the moment

  10. A lovely chronology of your week. And if that question was directed at me, no, I don't.

  11. I'd walk around here more if it wasn't so damn hot and if some of the neighbors kept their dogs restrained. Great pictures of a lovely week.

  12. You look positively impish in that Independence Day Tiara! I think you should wear it as often as possible. It brings out The Best in you.


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