Ode to a Grapefruit

I wrote this around 1987 or so, and posted it on this blog about 4 years ago, but I couldn't resist dusting it off & posting it again with this Magpie prompt :)

Ode to a Grapefruit
Ah! Humble Fruit – I sing to Thee
With perfect past'ral Modesty.
I sing Your Virtues – clear to Me
In Moments of Senility.

When on Thy rounded perfect Orb
My Eyes alight, They do absorb
An unparagoned Creation of Our Lord –
Which leaves Me quite without a Word.

Thy sly ambrosial Juice that squirts
Into My Eye in vicious spurts –
That hidden sour Taste that lurks –
Are just, indeed, but trifling Quirks.

And so in Moments of Repose
Fancy flies and I compose
A lilting Ode that fairly glows
With Love for that "Most Precious Rose"…

The Grapefruit!


  1. A glass, a salted rim, some ice, some grapefruit juice, some Tequila. Nirvana.

  2. What a fun poem. I love grapefruit and eat several a week.

  3. This got me in the mood for some citrus!

    -Kelly @ www.kellydelvalle.net/poetry

  4. Haha - a wonderfully fitting ode!

  5. Juicy and witty. Love it.

  6. Now I want an orange! Grapefruit seems like too much effort, so I always go for oranges instead.

  7. I love this delightful fruity juicy poem!

  8. Spirit is here , Spirit is there , Spirit is Everywhere , including your great poem ! Cheers

  9. Ah! . . . . very funny ODE . . . . loved it! Grapefruits will never ne the same again . . lol ~ Eddie :)

  10. "Thy sly ambrosial Juice that squirts
    Into My Eye in vicious spurts"

    These lines made me fearfully thirsty... ;-)

  11. An ode to the old squirt of the grapefruit...I love it!!! :-)

  12. I love grapefruit. My dad used to have three trees in our backyard when I was growing up. They were Duncan's and white meated. I would eat them in the yard sitting under the tree.

  13. Cool! I concur in your celebration of the grapefruit! I wonder if Pablo Neruda extolled its virtues as well?
    I attended a writer's workshop this week: Reflections on the Contemporary Ode and learned about four forms--aubade, ode, elegy, and epistle.


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