What Care I Take

A Game of Patience, 1937, Meredith Frampton

What care I took to be the one you…what?
And there’s the catch – the murky path I tread –
I cannot see to walk. I cannot stop.
I drop my bags and travel on instead.
You’ve led me down a path of dotted “i”s.
I cross the “t”s with ever greater care.
I watch your face for what and where and why
Until I’m gone, until there’s nothing there.
I say these words as if I live them still
And maybe they are truer than I know.
I take a step and wrestle with my will.
You walk away; I follow where you go.
What care I take to be the one you…what?
I cannot see to walk. I cannot stop.

This is a Magpie Tale.


  1. Loved it.

    Did not see your entry on Magpie Tales. Did you link your post page to guide others here?

    Eddie :)
    Alar Ego comment: LOL

  2. Very nice interpretation of this hauntingly beautiful painting.

  3. I cannot see to walk. I cannot stop. This is hitting very close to home for me right now...

  4. Very nice Dana! I am trying to catch up on visiting blogs.

  5. Your sonnet! Nice work. The meter is perfect.

  6. I've been down that road of dotted i's - and what a length it is, too!

  7. Brilliant, you capture the psyche of so many women.


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