Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

What a week! And I’m not talking about what has happened on a national scale (but I’m pretty darned happy about most of it). It’s the time of year when I start apologizing for posting too many pictures. And the sad thing is that they’re often pictures of the same things (lilies, daisies, moon…). That is especially true this week because I am too sleepy to be discriminating (and after I finish this I have to go gazelle because we were travelling today so I didn’t walk).
Sunday, June 21st  
I noticed our first daylily this morning as I was leaving for church.

Dr. M captured this fabulous shot. We thought it was pretty special, but apparently these butterflies love our daisies, as you’ll see later in the week.

The moon!

Monday, June 22nd   
Lilies and Rosie…

Tuesday, June 23rd             
Lilies again. Love that Easter lily!

Dr. M stalked some water fowl.

A toad!

Wednesday, June 24th     
For some reason this doe and rabbit make me think of a Disney movie.

See? Lovely!

Lilies (those are the last ones this week).

We had Relay for Life luminaries at work. I couldn’t do one for everyone in my life, but I picked five people to honor this year.

The moon!

Thursday, June 25th     
Last night I finished square #4 of pattern #12, but waited until today to take its picture.

After work Dr. M & I headed up to Lake Erie. I caught him mid-lecture :)

When we got there I took a quick walk around the motel.

Friday, June 26th
Today I finished up square #4.2 of pattern #12 (I had skipped one of the patterns for this particular blanket so I made two different versions of pattern #12. Isn't it wild how the same pattern looks so different when you add another color?).

We headed to one of our favorite lakeside parks to sit and crochet (me) & take pictures (Dr. M). But there was a roadblock.

I took a walk before I settled in to crochet. I noticed that it was pretty windy & the lake was very splashy (technical term). Cue sinister music!

After hanging out there for a while we visited “our” lighthouse at Marblehead.

Here are a handful of Dr. M’s pictures from the day.

It was a good day!

And I finished square #1 of pattern #13!

Saturday, June 27th                
We knew that it was going to rain today & had planned to do some shopping & indoor activities. But there was a LOT of rain and a LOT of wind & there ended up being flooding & power outages.

We decided to drive out to some of our favorite wetland areas since it was already so wet. Of course, I went charging off down the path only to find it blocked. But it was a beautiful drive – lots of birds and dramatic skies.

When we got back to our motel we discovered that our parking lot was ankle deep in water! Dr. M dropped me off & then parked the Bugly in a dry(ish) spot & slogged back to our room (thanks sweetie!). And we spent the night listening to the wind & being grateful for our 2nd floor room. (Side note: The hotel actually called our home phone at 9:00 p.m. to say they were relocating folks, but we had checked our voicemail earlier in the evening & didn’t get the message until we got back home. And then when Dr. M checked out this morning, the person at the front desk said that they’d checked us out last night. So we were squatting! Ha! But we were warm & dry & the view of the crazy lake was well worth the slog through the parking lot). 

To be continued...

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Love that daylili, and that picture of the road block.

  2. I love that you stayed in a room from which you were checked out. That looks like a lot of rain and wind. Glad you are safe and sound.

  3. That day lily reminds me of the tiger lilies my mother used to grow. And I like the roadblock too. And the toad!

  4. The roadblock is hilarious!

    And how silly of the hotel to call your home phone...wouldn't it make more sense to leave a note on your door, or something like that? So...were you in the hotel totally by yourself? Did you have any thoughts of The Shining afterwards? :-p

    And I still have the song of the Edmund Fitzgerald in my head!

  5. Maybe you could say you were Pirates rather than squatters. It would sound more adventurous and nautical. What a waterlogged saga!

  6. fun post as always. with the exception of a couple of clumps which were spectacular, our day lilies did not bloom well this year. not even the double orange ones.

  7. B.e.a.U.tiful !!!
    Fun times, never mind the weather.
    So did you get a night free?


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