Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 on 10

Although I think my work days are pretty boring, I decided to do a 10(ish) pictures on the 10th post. Prepare to be amazed! Or, probably not amazed. Prepare to be neither over nor under whelmed!

1. I'm almost ready for work - just have to do my hair & makeup. OK, the only way I'm actually almost ready for work is that I'm dressed.

2. Driving down the road to the office. I started a new audio book today - Girl on the Train. The jury is still out on whether I like it or not.

3. My company has adopted a 1st grade classroom. Dr. M did a fabulous job of picking out school supplies for a couple of students.

4. I usually work through lunch, but Monday was CRAZY, so I decided to take a break & read my (fluffy paranormal mystery) book.

5. Afternoon snack!

6. Heading home - a little later than usual. And boy is my car dusty!!

7. I was so zonked by the time I got home that I parked myself in my chair & played on the computer for a while.

8. When it got cooler, I spent some time with Dr. M outside - lovely evening!

9. My daily walk.

10. My afternoon snack was so late in the day that I wasn't hungry when I got home. Finally, at 9:30 I decided to eat a sandwich.

How was your 10th?


  1. The dust in my car is embarrassing.
    Love some of the nights where its cooling off & get to go out & enjoy it.

    1. My car, too...and yes, we've had a couple of really comfortable evenings this week. Love it!

  2. I like your fire feature. I've not seem one like it.

  3. I read Girl On The Train. I got a little tired of the Girl letting her life go in the toilet because she couldn't let go and move on but it does have a surprising ending.

  4. these made me smile - maybe i should try this some time

  5. I always want to do a 10 on 10...and then I either totally forget about it, or I remember it too late in the day. I should set an alarm on my phone, "Today is the 10th of the month!!!"

    My car is so dusty, I could grow tomatoes on the dash. Well, maybe I couldn't - but I'm pretty sure Dr. M could. Ha!

  6. I loved "The Girl on the Train," though I figured out the culprit pretty quickly.


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