Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

It was nice to have a couple of days off at the beginning of the week, but I think that made it seem like the rest of the week was extra long! Maybe it’s because no one does my work when I’m gone? Hmm – need to work on that!
Sunday, September 6th     
Dr. M saw a Gulf Fritillary!

After church I went with Dr. M to his dad’s house. We had a nice visit – and I made enough progress on my project that I could use it to hold my yarn.

That evening we went out to eat with Daddy & Amy.

Then we played corn hole. They’re pretty good. Dr. M & me? Not so much. Ha!

Monday, September 7th     
Before we left to head back to Ohio I wandered around the yard taking pictures.

Then we headed out. Yup – this is Ohio :)         

Tuesday, September 8th                  
I mowed the grass in the morning. It was STEAMY! Also, I broke the other mower handle. Duct tape is just the best stuff ever.

Squirrel gymnastics.

Little hummer surveying her kingdom.

Wednesday, September 9th           
I bought some REEEDDDD lipstick. Whew! Unfortunately it looks like I’m still allergic to regular lipstick – it seems to chap my lips. So I’ll be going back to my Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm.

Thursday, September 10th       
My project is shaping up nicely. I ran out of yarn, so now I’m waiting for more to get here.

Ms. Pinky Petunia Verbena is still being her outrageous self.

We had the most pitiful little sunflower come up under the tomato vines – so cute!

One of our neighbors gave us 8 new flags! We put this one up right away.

Friday, September 11th   
9/11 memorial…

Dr. M saw this little fellow. We think it’s a juvenile male cardinal, but we’re not sure.

Saturday, September 12th    
Remember in the spring when I planted those ancient seeds? We had one plant come up. The flower looks like something out of science fiction to me. Ha!

The hummingbirds are getting FAT these days. They’ll need it!

My daily walk – I spent the lovely afternoon working on reports for church so I walked after dark.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. You look pretty hot in that photo after you mowed the lawn, one chore I detest.

  2. I've never played corn hole but I suspect my results would look something like yours (that is, if they didn't end up behind me!). Its so good to see flowers and green and life. That will be changing too soon! I love the bag you're working on!

  3. Did your mowing shoes make it? I hope the Strong Stik came through for you.

    So sad about the lipstick allergy. You're one of the few who can do a nice red lip.

  4. First the mowing shoes and now the mower handle. I think they are signs.

  5. I agree with you - short weeks are nice, until you realize you still need to get all your work done... Glad you had a nice visit with your family.

    I have the same issue with lipstick, so I never wear any. Chapstick is a fancy as I get.

  6. ...I broke the other mower handle...

    Been there, done that and had to buy an expensive replacement.

  7. That squirrel is quite the entertainer.

  8. the bird does look like a young male just getting his color. a great week in pictures as usual.

  9. Of all the wonderful pictures....there were two that made me sad....the flag picture was chilling...and the lonely chair by the side of the road at night. Wonderful flowers, family, and animals. The squirrel was so cute.

  10. i love the science fiction flower and am intrigued about the sofa

  11. Gorgeous Gulf F....!
    and ALL flower pics, even the little beat-up sun flower.
    Birds and critters ALL
    !Y, tú, (Sept. 9) muy bonita!


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