Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

I have been so busy with work and church that I’m practically disconnected from social media these days (although I dip my toes in Facebook throughout the day). Someday I’ll get around to everyone’s blogs again!
Sunday, October 4th     
We had the Blessing of the Animals at church – 11 dogs, 5 birds, & one cat!

Susie is still going strong.

One of our book club members was having a birthday & brought cake. It was really good ya’ll.

Monday, October 5th     
Gratuitous squirrel pictures.

Tuesday, October 6th                    
I got my hair cut! This is my Facebook status (which got the most likes & comments of any picture I’ve ever posted – bizarre!): In my ongoing battle against hot flashes, here is my new hair. Next step: shaving my head. (Please note: my hot flashes are NOT that bad, but since until now I've been cold natured, I have NO tolerance for them.)

My daily walk.

Wednesday, October 7th             
Ms. Pinky.

Thursday, October 8th  
The Yellow Springs sunflowers are doing their thing again this year.

Square #1 of pattern #20. This one was a bit difficult, and as you can tell it definitely needed to be blocked!

Friday, October 9th     
Dr. M took a picture of one of my favorite trees – a shag bark hickory.

Square #2 of pattern #20.

Saturday, October 10th     
Dr. M & I took a nice drive around the country-side, went to the farmer’s market, and ended up with ice cream (yes, this is the only picture I took). When we got back I mowed (mostly to mulch the leaves). That canceled out the ice cream calories, right?

Square #3 of pattern #20. Yes, I do believe that I blocked it in a sort of trapezoidal fashion.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. great pics. love the new do. when I got my hair cut I went from almost to my waist to shoulder length and then about two weeks later off my shoulders and neck.

  2. Yes, I DO dig your new look. And that strange hickory tree, too.

  3. I love your new hair do! Very Audrey Hepburn-ish! The hickory tree looks like it has ghost faces in it.

    There is cake at book club??? Have I been missing out all this time? Wait...I can't join a book club, it takes me six months to read one book!

  4. Super cute cut. I dealt with hot flashes for a couple weeks after surgery. Not fun!! Hope the cool breeze on your neck helps.

    Busy is good...sounds like it is all good things!

  5. I am trying like hell to think of a way to use the phrase Shag Bark Hickory at least once a day. The tree is too lovely to use its name as an epithet.

    I like the new hairstyle, but I am far more intrigued by the reason for its adoption.

  6. Wow, I missed this post. Like the haircut, sunflowers, pinky and shaggy.


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