Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

Urgh – what a crazy stressful week! We had some drama at work (technology issues), and I spent the whole week thinking I was coming down with something – flu, cold – I wasn’t sure what. I’ve decided that it’s my usual fall allergies. Why do they sneak up on me every year? Dr. M has done me a favor & posted three posts this week with some fabulous photography, so you’re getting the dregs on this post. Ha!
Sunday, October 11th     
After church we all headed over to our Priest and her husband’s little farm for a meal. It was a gorgeous day & we had a nice time. To see Dr. M’s photos of the property, go here. I took a brief walk myself while I was there. The name of the farm is Centerpeace, so I was tickled when my walk route ended up looking like a dove!

Monday, October 12th     
Annual exam time. I should have known that my week would be crazy since I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. It went fine though.

On my way home I got behind this car. The license plate made me laugh.

Tuesday, October 13th                    
While I was dealing with our technology crisis at work, Dr. M was taking pictures. Lovely! To see more of his fall shots, go here.

That evening the Cubs won their series! Now they're playing in the National League Championship Series.

Wednesday, October 14th             
Can you believe these are the only pictures either of us took today? I didn’t even get any daily walk pictures – I was feeling poorly so I gazelled instead of walking outside. This picture is illustrating how the photograph on the box seriously underrepresented the number of carrots in this meal. Blech!

Thursday, October 15th  
Campus leaf…

Square #4 of pattern #20. Once again, illustrating the importance of blocking!

Friday, October 16th     
Soybeans being harvested.

Sunflowers again! To see more of these gorgeous flowers, check out Dr. M’s post here.

The moon!

Saturday, October 17th     
My daily walk – the Man in the Sidewalk edition. Ha!

I decided to make another heart pillow for another friend.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Fun fall pics. Loved Dr. M's.
    The accumulating blocks are somethin' else!
    Suppose we'll see the completed California-King-size piece one of these times.

  2. I hate technology issues at work...usually it ends up meaning that you have to do all your work a second time! I hope your work drama is resolved and done with.

    LOL at the license plate!

  3. I don't know what "blocking" means, but it definitely affects the outcome.

  4. I spent the whole week thinking I was coming down with something – flu, cold

    At my house my wife and daughter have suffered through a stomach bug and I've fought off a cold.

  5. love the pics and your week. those blankets are going to be wonderful.

  6. Not exactly sure what the license tag is. Problem child? Hope you are feeling back to normal.

  7. Your dove walk is funny. The food never looks like the picture on the box! So glad you don't have the flu. Ug!

  8. How good a doctor visit go bad with such a lovely patient. I've said it before but I'll say it again: LOVE the new hair style.

  9. That before and after of the blocking is just funny. If only we could block life like that -- it would tidy up so many thing! And I love your "dove walk." That's just great. No walkies here today, unless things improve. We have rain and north wind, and it's going to be an inside day for the most part. I don't mind, though, because it lets me put up my feet and catch up with my favorite bloggers!


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