Wednesday, May 11, 2016

(Almost but not really) Wordless Wednesday

Dr. M is posting for me while I cook! (he cooked last night, and bought me pizza the night before, and...)

 Puppy-cow daycare!
 Cows stare at Dr. M
 "Ebony and ivory..." And still staring at Dr. M
 Our resident bunny!
 Staring at Dr. M
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I see cows next door each morning....and love watching the babies. Our neighbors have added two Brahmas this week and I am looking forward to getting to know them. Loved the bunny. Happy Thursday!

  2. there's a house near me that recently fenced their property and now they have a couple of three cows in their yard.

  3. You're lucky in the amount of wildlife you have to photograph.

    1. Ohio is a lush, rural place, apart from the cities. Wild Ohio is quite the spectacle!

  4. Look at that bunny. So cute.

  5. Love the bunny! I see one now and then, but not often. I suspect they're more common away from the water. We're a little short on nice hiding places, especially shrubbery. "Ebony and ivory" is perfect for those calves.

  6. I don't have much luck getting bunny pics...they are just too skittish. The cow in the second picture is definitely SAYING something!

  7. Years ago back in my hometown a cow got loose and went on a fairly long trek through the county. The three day adventure for the cow made the local newspaper and only ended when it walked in front of a semi doing sixty.

    As sad as that sounds, I looked at that paper online a couple of days ago and given the gang and drug stories that dominated the cow was actually a happy, good-old days kind of event.

  8. Cows are so funny, how they just stare like that. I never get the sense there's a whole lot going on behind those blank eyes!


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