Monday, October 17, 2016

Other Things That Happened While I Wasn't Blogging

These photos from our yard are all courtesy of Dr. M.

Our hibiscus decided to have a second blooming. 

And so did the Rose of Sharon behind the garage!

Ms. Pinky is winding down. If it ever cools off she might even come inside for the winter!

Take me to your leader!

Such a pretty kitty!

I sense a disturbance in the force - has a raccoon been here?


  1. Great pictures, and that kitty is a real stinker.

  2. Love love love the Rose of Sharon. I'm not sure what's making me laugh more - the squirrel photo or your caption.

  3. I'm so glad i found you roaming the blogs. I'm traveling, and using a computer that doesn't have all my bookmarks. You'd think I could remember your blog name, but no. My mind is going. In any event, it sounds like you've been up to some other things, too: all good.

    The flowers are so lovely, and of course I love the squirrel. Guess what? I saw a white squirrel yesterday, and got photos of a half-white one today. Once I get back home, they'll be on my blog. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is one of the few places in the country that has a population of white squirrels. Who knew?

    1. @shoreacres--We've had a few of the white squirrels here in Ohio, too. And coal black as well. Lots of squirrel diversity here. The unique ones almost make you forget what pests they can be, don't they?

  4. I wonder in husbands started using the phrase, "she bit my head off" after watching a female praying mantis do just that to her mate.

  5. So good to see your pics of the flowers in the garden...wish we could grow such beauties!

  6. Squirrel, skunk ;-)!
    Superb photos, Dr. M!

  7. HOLY COW... that skunk!!! What is the zoom on that lens? because SNAP - that's close!

  8. Those are all award-winning photographs.

  9. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. :)


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