Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Week That Was

This week has been a bit hard. Bad news came boom boom boom - knocked me back a step. Most of the bad news only affects my heart & other people, but still... But then last night the CUBS won their way into the WORLD SERIES! And they're going to be playing the CLEVELAND INDIANS? Does that mean that there's still hope for the world? I say yes!

Therefore, since there's still hope in the world, I will share things that I did last week. First, after reading on a blog post (hi Steve!) about how many people don't really like makeup, and having been considering that I was about tired of all of that rigmarole, I decided to do a photo shoot to see if I could tell a big difference (I actually think I've done this before, but humor me).

Left - all natural Bug; Right, my full complement of makeup (which took four minutes to apply, even with photo breaks after each step). I was going to show ALL the steps along the way, but since I can barely tell any difference between the first & second photos I decided to spare you. Actually, the second picture looks like I used a filter to soften up my features (or maybe it's not in focus). Verdict: I shall use makeup on a case by case basis (yes for church & work, no for the grocery store).

When I wasn't peering at my face in a mirror, I crocheted (I know - shocking).

Do you see that? BLUE!!!

At one point during the week I ate a salad. Actually, I eat a salad almost every weekday - I took this picture because I was laughing at all the toppings. There is actually some spinach under there...

Last weekend, Dr. M & I went to the Renaissance Festival. He wore one of my favorite t-shirts :)

Finally, I got a lovely surprise from Rita - cards that she colored & made her self. I think I might have to share one or two of them with some of the folks on my heart...


  1. I'm glad you're posting more frequently again - I missed you when you were busy doing other things!

    Whatever all the bad news is, I'm sorry it happened and I hope it's done coming your way now.

    I can't tell a difference between your with/without makeup photos, but I love your hair! When it comes to makeup, I'm bare bones - tinted moisturizer and a bit of bronzer, and only for work. I can't handle anything else. Well, chapstick. I'm addicted to chapstick.

  2. I think you look great in both pictures.

  3. Hey, that salad looks great to me. Also the sign at the Ren Fest advertising Fried Green Beans. If those are deep fried, they are totally delicious. A local restaurant here has them on the menu as an appetizer.

  4. Bad news sucks, but you look great, regardless, dahling! ;)

  5. The cards Rita made for you are awesome. Renaissance fairs are fun. I hope you had a fun time. I see lots of raisins and a few tomatoes. I love your crochet work. You take a lot of time to work on neat stitches. Your make up pales in comparison to your beautiful smile and that sparkle in your eyes. I am allergic to most make up, so I am not a fan. The Cubs vs. Cleveland means not too much travelling for the players. That's good. I hope Bauer has healed his finger from the drone incident. I am going to my sister's tomorrow in Fort Erie, so I may be in Buffalo or Northern Ohio. I am staying at her place for four days and then I am going to Guelph to see my grandkids maybe until Hallowe'en. I hope the coming week brings great news your way... at least enough to cheer you up. Take care.

  6. You look just as good without makeup as with it. I don't use it everyday either. Sorry about your sad news but you seem to be coping well. Love the colours of your salad - inspiration for the next crochet blanket?!! The Rennaisance Festival looks great fun and those cards are just beautiful.

  7. Does that mean that there's still hope for the world? I say yes!
    There better be hope for the world. Even with all the stuff going on at my house my wife just paid for the trip to London she and my daughter will be taking in 2017.
    I pity the person that somehow messes up that trip.

  8. I never wear make-up. gave it up when I was 19. it annoyed me that women were expected to goop up their faces to be presentable while men were considered just fine without. one of my many little rebellions. I haven't been to a Ren Fair in 30 years at least. sorry for all your bad news.

  9. Sorry to hear there's been bad news! I hope it's not TOO bad. Meanwhile, for what it's worth, I can barely tell the difference between your made-up self and your natural self. And I mean that in a good way. I approve of the minimalist make-up application. :)

  10. Sorry to hear you have had some bad times. Sending positive vibes from your old stomping grounds here in NC.

    I am so impressed with your blanket. Perhaps I need something to make me knit a little bit every day. Then I might not have so many works in progress that I put aside to read a good book. Maybe I'll get more done this winter.

  11. I like your blanket too. You obviously have every color of yarn under the sun available at a moments notice ;-)
    The make-up-or-not photos prove that you use it well, i.e. only subtle enhancements. I think I noticed the eyes.
    Sorry about the sadness that hit you last week and grateful that the little cards might bring some cheer.
    About the cards: I find it interesting that the reduced small-card version of the 8x11 coloring page seems to enhance the colors and overall effect. I found the same with the oil paintings I did, six years ago when our house was being rebuilt--I liked the Shutterfly smaller version better!

  12. I applaud your No Makeup Resolve. But you know me: Vanity wins every time.

    May your heart soon be healed. Good fresh food and crochet therapy should help.

  13. You're beautiful both with and without makeup. I only see a very slight difference, so go natural!!! I use a bit of self-tanner with my moisturizer to add a little color to my face because I'm so pale...and that way I don't have to wear makeup all that much. I still wear it when I go out to dinner and such, but not to the gym. Nobody should wear makeup to the gym, but there sure are plenty of women who do. I guess because they're coming after work.

  14. Those cards are very pretty.

    Makeup softens our rough edges. I don't wear it very often anymore, but I probably should.
    That salad is pretty. Love all the color.

  15. I'm jealous of your natural lip color! It's beautiful and looks like lipstick!
    The salad looks yummy...just how I make them!
    I haven't been here in ages...thought I'd drop by and see what you're up to! :)

  16. Now I want a salad. A nice, big one. I think I even have lettuce in the fridge, which doesn't always happen. I'm going to work on that.

    I don't wear makeup any more, since it really doesn't work with sweating away on the docks all day. I use an SPF 15 moisturizer (Olay) and lipstick. That's it. Has been for years. Honestly? I think all the sweat has been good for my skin. Now that winter is coming, with its lower humidity, I'll be happy to stop complaining so much, but I need to ramp up the water drinking.


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