Blink Blink Like a Skink

It's all Catalyst's fault. He sent this video to Dr. M the other week & we can't get it out of our heads. I'm warning you, if you want to remain earworm free, do NOT watch it!

Actually, do go ahead & watch it - it's hilarious. 

Anyway, we've been making up our own lyrics to it, and now skinks have entered the picture.

Blink Blink like a Skink!

We might get over it someday, but I don't think it will be soon!


  1. I'm beeping and tapping my feet after that video, and craving lamb chops.

  2. Nice video, but I am genetically unable to dance to anything.

  3. This sounds suspiciously like the workout music at my gym class. Not that I want to get up and do squats and lunges right now, but still...

  4. Ilove those sheep! But then im welsh

  5. Came back and watched it again.

  6. Loved the laughs. I think we all need to bring out our inner child more often these days. I've actually been thinking of Dr. M lately. Binge watching Shaun the Sheep. I love the dog as much as the sheep. So I sit there alone in the room laughing out loud.


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