Sunday, May 14, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

Oh man – I just went down a rabbit hole that brought me to tears. I was looking to see if I’d ever posted anything about my mom’s ashes (I have not – something for you guys to look forward to) and found this post. Happy Fricking Mother’s Day. Sigh. I’m not really as bitter as that sounds – just sad today. Let’s think of happier things, shall we?
Sunday, May 7th
I went to a baby shower today. Look at the entirely too cute couple:

Her mother was in my wedding 26 years ago – and she was too! It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture, so I tried to make it crystal clear. Ha! She was born a little over a month after this picture was taken.

They had a cute “craft” for the guests – writing messages on diapers. This was my favorite one.

Monday, May 8th              
Mowing is usually (mostly) my job, but not gonna happen at the moment. I’m glad that Dr. M is still able to!

Tuesday, May 9th                               

Wednesday, May 10th                      
Dr. M ordered a tray for my walker. It has transformed my life! I can now get my own grits & eggs & take them to my office to eat.

The moon!  

Thursday, May 11th                      
Ms. Rita and Pinky Two Tone are getting ready to bust out all over…

We had book club in the evening. I’m grateful that they conference me in. After we were mostly done talking about books I started playing with the filters & then everyone joined the meeting on their phones so they could play too & it just sort of devolved from there.

Friday, May 12th        
New sneakers! I love them – they have a nice wide base so a slightly crippled person can maintain her balance a little better. Plus they have comic book exclamations on them – Zoom! Wow! And 25.2 which is EXTRA hilarious.

Saturday, May 13th           
We love the view from our back deck.

Dr. M got some impatiens – I love them. (Yes, I say that about all the flowers he gets me – so?)

This picture is an inside joke – my friend Kim and I used to have a little war going on and I decided to instigate it again: Up with Penguins! Down with Bears!

That was my week – how was yours?


  1. {{{Hugs}}} and sorry about being sad about your Mom. I've been thinking about my mother-in-law today, so I may understand just a little bit how you feel.

    I like the idea of continuing a book club via phone conference. Isn't modern technology wonderful?

  2. When I was growing up Baby Showers was strict meant for women. By the time my wife was pregnant things had changed enough that she forced me to go with her as well even though I was dumbfounded about the idea.

    Turns out her friends had setup a room for the husbands. It had beer and snacks but more importantly they left us alone as we watched whatever was on ESPN at the time. It was quite the surreal experience.

  3. Your geraniums look so much healthier than ours!

  4. OK. I'm officially an ignoramus. What's the 25.2? Whatever it is, I love the shoes -- and the impatiens. Well, and the geraniums, too. It's great to see them rousing themselves for the summer.

  5. Wow! Those shoes are exciting! They give you a workout just looking at them.

  6. I'd have picked the bunny ears and yeah, what's is 25.2?

  7. 26.2 is the number of miles in a marathon - so hilarious (and of course I got the mileage wrong in my post up there - what do I know about marathons?). Ha!

  8. My own mother died on a Friday before Mother's Day. It will always be a bittersweet day for me. I'm so glad Pinky not only endured the move but is thriving!

  9. No joke... I need those shoes!!!

  10. There's a whiskey jug hiding behind that upside down bear, lol! Empty...sigh. Yeah, you corrected yourself...13.1 is a half, 26.2 miles a full marathon...not that I have ever or will ever run one! Jim and I did calculate we ran about 10k one night in college when we were jogging and got lost :)

  11. I have a friend who has a humonguously big lawn. I asked him how in the heck he mows it. He said "Two words. John Deere." Looks like you and Dr. M need one of those. And I, too, love the view from your back deck. Almost as much as the view of those hot(!) sneakers.

  12. Love the wedding pic. You look so pretty.
    Your view from your deck is beautiful.
    The sneakers are fantastic.

  13. I don't get 25.2 but will trust you on it, serious Moon there, fun filled week amongst the bit of sadness, Mammy's are strange things, mine lives across the road from me and drives me mad, but I'm sure I'd miss her if she wasn't there.


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