Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty

After the festivities last week, it was a pretty quiet week around here. Nice!
Sunday, July 23rd     
Here are some more pictures of the reception. That cake was SO GOOD ya’ll. Daddy & Sue brought me a big chunk of it later in the week. Would you believe that I ate some of it & then put the rest in the freezer for later?

Monday, July 24th                
The morning glory that my dad gave us is totally taking over the petunia baskets. And we’re pretty much ok with that.

Tuesday, July 25th                                
Penguins against the sunset.

Wednesday, July 26th                          
Our porch skink!

Thursday, July 27th                       
As it was in Ohio, our North Carolina back yard is mostly a Mom & Pop operation.

Thursday night, tragedy struck! I had to use some random floss that my dentist gave me. Very sad.  

Friday, July 28th             
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!

Saturday, July 29th                 
We were sitting out on the deck (SUCH a lovely day!) and had a visit from Mr. Roy.

The moon!

The weeks seem to be speeding up as we approach my surgery date. I’m very excited, but I’m also remembering how annoying it was after my last surgery. Not to wish time away or anything, but I’m going to wish some time away: I would like for it to be December.

What are you looking forward to this August?


  1. Wow! The wedding reception feast look like quite a...well...feast! Yum!

    1. It was fantastic! Even had little pulled pork sandwiches...

  2. The photo of that swallowtail in the purple flower (I know nothing of plants) is stunning.

    1. Petunia.. butterflies and hummingbirds love their nectar. Thanks!

  3. Love the pineapple palm tree, and that greedy swallowtail. I'm trying to ignore the photo of the cake, lest it tempt me toward indulgence.

    Isn't that the same kind of skink that Bella had on her porch? It certainly looks like it. Very pretty, really. Electric blue does catch the eye.

    1. This is a five-lined skink (five lines running from head to talk). The bright tail fades as the skink matures. This one is very young.

  4. Please don't wish away autumn. In my universe, anyway! Lovely colours in your photos!

  5. I am not looking forward to anything in August. it will be too hot to go outside. I love morning glories! and the pineapple palm tree is so clever but what a waste of pineapple.

    1. Morning drives are delightful this time of year up here, as so many corn fields have morning glories along their edges. Not much different from Ohio in summer, really... cornfield, soybean field, rinse, repeat.

  6. haha. we're very picky about floss too so I get it.
    I love lizards & their pretty colored tails. Such neat little creatures

  7. Saw the picture of the cake and instantly became hungry.

  8. Love the penguins against the sunset.
    Always loved morning glories.

  9. It's hard to beat a morning glory. I love them. (We should plant some here -- thanks for the idea!)

    That skink is beautiful. What a brilliant blue tail!

  10. Beautiful pictures, especially the swallowtail in the petunia!

    Now I want cake.

  11. I will be happy for you when your surgery is over and you are skipping around... just in time for Christmas shopping. Ha!
    The butterfly is beautiful. I love morning glories, but my husband, a country boy, thinks they're weeds. Very pretty doggone weeds, I say.

  12. The butterflies that are visiting you are really quite remarkable! You are very gracious about wanting to see your dad happy. Of course you want him happy, but its still hard because its not your mom. You guys seem so settled in already, its hard to believe you moved states so recently.


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