Sunday, July 16, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-eight

We had a mostly quiet week (me being under house arrest & all), so these are perhaps not the most exciting pictures. Um, but they’re the same kind of pictures I post every week. Hmmm – maybe after my hip surgery we need to start doing more interesting things!
Sunday, July 9th    
This is perhaps the most pathetic picture of all – my dinner Sunday night: a boiled egg, broiled green beans, & cucumber tomato salad. But ya’ll, it was QUITE tasty.

Monday, July 10th                
I was walking through the living room & saw my current crochet project. I noticed now well it matches our curtains and the table that my cousin the potter made. Maybe I’m supposed to keep this & give the bride something different?

Tuesday, July 11th                                
My view while I was working.

Wednesday, July 12th                          
A turkey & mayo & peanut butter & jelly sandwich. My version of a Monte Cristo? This concoction got a number of negative reviews on Facebook, but it was so good that I had it for three days in a row!

Thursday, July 13th                       

Friday, July 14th           
I went from the soft squishy acrylic yarn project to the much smaller wool yarn project. A bit of textural culture shock for my fingers!

Saturday, July 15th               
Today three very exciting things happened. First, my cousin loaned us a teenager to cut our grass! This enabled Dr. M to spend his energy on weedeating. The yard looks great!

Next, my ramp came & I was set free! We went to Bojangles – ha! It’s what Free Range Bugs do. (Note: I can't even with the bang situation. I look like a teenage boy in this picture.)

Finally, we knew that a wren had built a nest in one of our petunia baskets, but we weren’t sure if anything was happening in there. You can barely tell in the bottom left picture, but that’s a large baby bird maw waiting on dinner! Dr. M saw several in the nest. Very exciting!

36 days until surgery – we’re getting there people! Did anything exciting happen in your life last week?


  1. You're doing well, Bug, and only 36 days to go. The time will fly by.

  2. I love your baby birds! My "baby" bluejays still are coming for their peanuts. Of course, their parents are, too. For all I know, the grandparents may be showing up. It's ok with me.

    I don't know about that faux Monte Cristo, but whatever you've got your mitts around at Bojangles looks super-duper to me. Excitement? How about a four foot long alligator crossing the road in front of me? That was pretty cool -- especially since I was in the car. Otherwise? Just crossing my fingers that the rain stops, so I can finish a job this week. It's been what we call varnishers' rain: 20 minutes here and there, with sunshine in between, but everything too wet to work. Ah, well.

    Love the ramp, and love the thought of a free range Bug. Think how free you'll be in 36..35..34...

  3. A turkey & mayo & peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

    I can't judge. My uncles woofed down numerous banana and mayo sandwiches when they were in their twenties.

    1. Banana and mayo is BOMB! Evn better with peanut butter. But her combo? Eat at your own risk, lol!

  4. Not commenting on your Weird Food combinations. You do you, as they say.

    I will, however, commiserate anytime on Hair Angst. Humidity producing flat lankness? Same here. Bang cowlick? Holy crap, and out of nowhere! Looks great and then you step outside for ten seconds? Yep! Ready to give up and grow it out and then it drives you crazy and you cut it again? Sigh Sigh SIGH!

    So glad your ramp came to help you get out and about again! It will be a Difference Maker for sure.

    1. Big sister to one of my history majors once told her kid sister "you be you, boo!" Best advice long as I don't have to eat it, lol! Love you!

  5. I love wrens and baby wrens! I was just out there trimming back some of the major growth over at the shop. ran out of trimmer cord. just as well, I had worked for my allotted hour. can only get out there early in the morning because...summer.

    1. Yes...summer. Love you, Ellen! Our baby wren is gone...we know not where. I can't even right now...

  6. It is such a funny feeling when you switch such drastic yarns & the texture in your hands.
    YAHOOOO for the ramp! I needed that when our dog has such bad hip problems!!!

    1. Might be the wrong ramp for a dog, but yes, they are out there and Prairie View Industries is the (made in USA) bomb for human ramps!

  7. Turkey, mayo, peanut butter and jelly all in one sandwich? It doesn't sound appealing, but perhaps I should give it a try.

    1. You are on your own, Stephen, lol! My wife is...different.

  8. Nothing nearly as exciting as your baby wrens has happened to us this week.
    I think I'll take a pass on the turkey & mayo & peanut butter & jelly sandwich. You certainly eat some exotic things.
    So glad you got your ramp. Bugs must be free!

  9. I love your supervisors in Tuesday's photo!

    I'm not saying anything any more about your horrid sandwich combo, but I do have to say that your Sunday dinner looks a bit...well...puny. I'm on a diet and I eat way more than that!!!

  10. Cute wrens! I'm so glad you got your ramp and you're able to go out to dinner now because CLEARLY YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND when it comes to making your own food.

  11. I enjoy seeing glimpses of your life, photos that reflect how see your world.

    Yesterday I discovered a nest in our wreath and two small eggs. Today mama bird is sitting on the eggs.
    Only a month to go. Hang in there!


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