In Which I Toast the Bride & Groom with a Bad Poem

Daddy & Sue had a reception on Sunday to celebrate their marriage. The food was great, and it was nice to meet some of Sue's family, and to see some of my family. 

As promised, I made a toast to the happy couple:

Here's to the man who'd never marry again, and here's to the woman who said, "we'll see."

Here's to the woman who waited a while, and here's to the man who declared he'd be free.

Here's to the man who thought he'd go solo, but was lonesome and missed her.

And here's to the woman who brought him such joy he could no longer resist her.

Surprised, as they say, by that joy,
Because love has its own plan.
Here's to this woman!
And here's to this man!


  1. Love it!
    And you look lovely.

  2. Great toast for the happy couple.

  3. That's a great toast! They look happy, and you look beautiful -- truly!

  4. That's a perfect toast! They look very happy. You look wonderful. I love your outfit.

  5. Hey--that guy is really into his food in the second picture. ;-)

  6. Ahhh - so clever. I bet they loved that.


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