Wednesday, August 30, 2017

That Time My Nephew Was a Daredevil Romantic

My nephew Brandon recently returned from Afghanistan (he's a medic in the Army). He got to have a nice long leave at home before reporting to Fort Campbell & he decided that this was the perfect time to do something crazy and romantic with his girlfriend, Britt.

He told her that they were going skydiving. Britt had never been in a plane before, so already this was a crazy venture - get into a tiny plane for the first time & then JUMP OUT OF IT?

She was game, which just shows that they were meant for each other.

On the way down, her dive partner had to direct her gaze to one very important part of the field, where a bunch of giddy family members were waiting. (Pretend the banner is laying on the ground.)

It was a pretty emotional moment for Britt - well, and frankly for the rest of us too! Thank goodness she said yes!

And now we're planning a December 30th wedding! Congratulations you crazy kids! (I actually mean that literally, you know.)


  1. OMG! Sweetest ever!!! Congrats to Brandon and Britt.

  2. They look like a happy couple. Of course I could also jump out of an airplane---if it was on fire.

  3. That is totally memorable. What a cute pair.
    I'm already a fan of theirs since they will be getting married on my birthday ;)
    ... PS - I think people that sky dive are a little crazy - just saying ;) haha

  4. I totally admire their adventurousness, but this post terrifies me! LOL!

  5. Wow! What an adventure, and amazing proposal!!!
    What I don't understand is how they got such grrrrrreeeeaaaaaaat pics!

  6. I'm certainly glad they found each other. I know they'll be very happy together -- probably as happy as I am that I don't have to jump out of an airplane. I'll take my excitement in smaller doses, thank you very much!

  7. Wow - what a story they'll be able to tell! And how could she NOT say "yes" after all this!


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