Monday, February 26, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Eight

I’ve been stress-eating like crazy this week, but amazingly, there are no pictures of food! Not sure how that happened…
Sunday, February 18th              
Note to self.

Monday, February 19th                         
Ms. Pinky and Ms. Rita got moved to the porch! They’re pretty happy out there.

Tuesday, February 20th                                            
My caption for this photo: Just over here flirting with disaster. And don’t mind General Sherman there - he’s no help at all with the vacuuming. #livingontheedge

When I got to round 11 I discovered that I’d made a mistake on round 4 (you can see I’m missing a blue V stitch where the arrow is pointing – there are supposed to be 16). Heavy sigh. I was going to try to make it work, but it seemed easier just to frog the mess & start over at round 4.

We’ve started cleaning out our spare room (which is still full of the things we haven’t unpacked yet). Dr. M moved some of his musical instruments into the office/craft/music room.

Wednesday, February 21st                                    
It was a lovely day! Dr. M did some deck sitting.

Thursday, February 22nd                                  
Worked on a hat, but I ran out of yarn. I need about another half of a skein to make it work.

We have daffodils!!

Friday, February 23rd                          
Pattern number three in my four different colorways.

I got to see this sweet child (and her sisters) again this evening. We had a great time!

Saturday, February 24th                            
The moon!

I took Friday off, and spent that day & Saturday firmly planted in my easy chair playing on my iPad. Saturday I also slept until 10:30!! Today I skipped church & went walking with my dad after we sang at the nursing home (I did do some laundry & cleaning after I got home). So I am well rested and ready for what the week throws at me. How about you?


  1. Well, good for you and getting the musical instruments unpacked! We've lived in this house for over 10 years now and I still have unpacked boxes. *Wonders what's in them*

    I can't sleep until 10:30 any more. I think it's a sign that you are old when you wake up at 6:00 or so on the weekends. And I've had a frustrating Monday at work...had to reboot my computer five times. I think there might be a new computer in my near future.

  2. Just over here flirting with disaster.

    LOL!!!! It actually took me ten or so seconds to get the meaning of the dangling threads of yarn.

  3. I need to vacuum. Yes, I do. But I'm going to put it off again until I get everything else picked up. It's not worth turning the thing on unless I can do the whole house. It reduces the trauma to the cat; better she should only have to hang from the ceiling once, rather than multiple times.

    Yesterday was lovely. The sun came out, and there were birds singing. Today? Not so much. We have clouds! and drizzle! and may have rain and thunderstorms. I guess maybe I should do the vacuuming today.

    1. right? so nice to see the sun yesterday. such a disappointment to wake up to overcast...again.

  4. the white is still my favorite. kitchen floor goes in today.

  5. Nothing like holding a baby to help ...with Everything!

    I hate unravelling. I would have convinced myself it was Just Fine and gone merrily on. After all, it was going to be part of Something Much Bigger. And, it's Handmade, so it doesn't have to Be Perfect. (See how good I am at this?)

  6. I love your hat - so cute. I've never crocheted a hat before & need to try it

  7. I think the yarn hat worked out well, even if you did run out of yarn! It's a drag you had to unravel all that work. (Sigh.)


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