Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Six

I’m not gonna lie – last week was rough. And I don’t expect this coming week to be much better. However, I was able to find small pleasures along the way.
Sunday, February 4th              
We had an icy morning!

 So instead of going to church, I colored my hair. Ha!

Monday, February 5th                         
The hair in question…

Tuesday, February 6th                                            
I came home sick from work & spent a lot of the day crocheting. Fortunately I did not have the flu and I was much better by the next day.

Wednesday, February 7th                                   
I ordered a Mary Engeldark calendar for myself (but I ended up giving it away because it was much too large for the space where I was planning to use it).

Thursday, February 8th                                 
I spent this evening crocheting & watching curling.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was playing Snack Jenga in the kitchen.

Friday, February 9th                         

Saturday, February 10th                            
I went to a birthday party for a friend. That right there is homemade lemon cheesecake & it was The Bomb. Yum! Oh, and the Engeldark calendar was a big hit. Fun!

I’ve spent a lot of time this past month stressing about things beyond my control (mainly job-related worries). Which is very annoying because my anxiety isn’t fixing anything. I would like to “Let Go and Let God,” but so far it isn’t happening. To boost my mood, why don’t you guys tell me some good things happening in your lives?


  1. I wish you lived near me, we could use another admin at work. I love and enjoy my job (ignore the "moving stress" that I posted about - that move is over and done with).

    That calendar looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Fortunately I did not have the flu...

    Yeah, it's particularly bad this year from what I've seen of the ED area in the hospital I work. Whenever my duties take me into the waiting area I hit the hand wash stations hard afterwards.

  3. I'm so glad you did not have the flu. That's something, right? But I'm sorry you had a bad week. I hope this one is better. You look so nice in that suit. Bella

  4. Thank goodness you did not have this terrifying flu!
    I'm also trying to focus on the many, many positives in my life (to keep my SAD at bay): last month at this time, we were stressed because Rick was unemployed; last year at this time, I was really ill and without answers as to its cause. Today, Rick is busy and having fun at work, and I am feeling well enough to shovel snow! And, like you, I have been successfully avoiding flu. And, as long as there is yarn, we have some reasonably Cheap Therapy. Stay strong.

  5. Oh man... I hate that anxiety thing. ESPECIALLLLY over things you have no control over.
    I say, let's all eat more cheesecake ;)

  6. Lemon cheesecake! With Sprinkles! Oooooohhhhh!

    I've lost 10 pounds in about 10 days. Does that qualify as a "good thing"?

  7. pretty cool candles that burn the color of the candle. well, except for the green. it needs to work on that. and I'm glad you didn't have the flu. something good...Rocky came by yesterday and he's going to get started today. or tomorrow. can't ever tell with Rocky. he means well though, just optimistic.

  8. Lemon cheesecake? Oh, my. Well, let's see. Good? There's not so much. We're going into our fourth week where I haven't been able to work because the weather's been so crappy. Next week looks to be the same. This is getting serious. It's either too cold and windy, or too warm and raining and foggy. Sigh.

    But tomorrow's Ash Wednesday, and that's good.Dixie Rose is letting me sleep until about 5 now, instead of getting me up at 3 a.m., and I've lost three pounds. It's not much, but I've done it over two weeks. It's close enough to my goal of two pounds per week that I feel like I can recommit. Onward!

    Could you take your crocheting to work, and watch curling in your meetings? Would that help?


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